Monday, December 29, 2008


And one more thing...

I got a B in my anatomy class!!! And that's during this crazy transition period!!! WOO! Spring semester is for chemistry classes... and physiology classes... Oy vey!

Anyone want to trade tutoring for nutrition advice????
I'm serious. PAHLEASE!?

Gastroesophageal Reflux DISEASE!

I have a close family member who suffers from this dis-ease. Hi Mom! Anyway, she's had this terrible cough for about 5 - 6 years now. Doctors have put her on medication, food regimes, etc. Nothing seems to work. My mother, as some readers know, is a health nut, so she's fully aware of what she should and should not eat, but this seems to not be enough to get rid of her acid reflux! For her Christmas present, I decided to take it upon myself to buy her natural remedies and research more on Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. I only know the basics, but keep your eyes peeled in the next couple weeks for tid bits of my research, etc. If not treated, it can become a serious condition. In the meantime, if you suffer from this or anything else, take yourself to Whole Foods or to a health food store and talk with someone in the vitamin/health section. I spent a good 20 min. with a wonderful girl at the Whole Foods on Fairfax and Santa Monica Blvd. on Christmas Eve. She was so generous with her time and so knowledgeable about treatments on most any ailment.

Put your health and yourself first! Make that a New Year's resolution! Ok - I've just gotta go to bed!

I.V. Please...

I don't know about any of you, but I basically would really enjoy an IV of wheat grass or perhaps just raw foods injected into my jugular vein. I have eaten some of the yummiest foods, but I am in major need of detoxing. I am currently detoxing from coffee, which some of you may know is very hard. I have been up super late packing, moving, stressing, etc.-ing and felt the only way to function at work was to drink coffee, lattes, etc. So after drinking the equivalent of around 2-4 cups a day for the past three weeks, I finally used this holiday break to detox from the drug. The first two days were a little tough, but I feel 1000x more marvelous without that shizzle in my system. If you can believe even Mother Health has fits of gnarly eating habits, it's true. I'm human, but I always keep in mind - - MODERATION: 80% Good, 20% _____. :D In other words, these two weeks of Christmas - New Years Eve are the 20% and the rest of my life equals the 80%. I kid, I kid.

The holiday is not over, but bouncing back will be easy - - just enjoy life and the holidays and we'll detox in the new year with the Gillian McKeith plan from You Are What You Eat and of course, DETOX FROM ALCOHOL!! If you're really eating like crap, just make it a goal to eat a raw salad or raw dark leafy greens with most meals. At the very least, go by some lettuce and sprouts with a simple vinagrette, apple cider vinegar or lemon dressing. Your bowels will thank you! And drink warm water with lemon slice every morning to get your gastric juices flowing and digestion running smooth. Throw in a miso soup (get the packets from Trader Joe's) if possible, great stuff for constipation... AND, if you're near a Whole Foods (or as some love to call it, Whole Paycheck) grab the Digestion Tea ($5). Ask the nutritionist there where the heck you can find it. I get so lost in that area.

I must also comment that I have received a plethora of Mother Health emails! Really, I cannot believe it and I look forward to answering every single one! Keep the questions coming I will research away this new year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tummy Ache

Sunday night I went to a dinner party. I brought my delicious and well-received salad with apple cider vinegar dressing as well as a yummy, but not-so-nutritious, dairy-filled, homemade flan (SO INCREDIBLE). In addition, the main course included duck lasagna - yum, and tons of wine and champagne. Well, while the meal was deliciously rich and naughty, I suffered like a mad woman the following day, even having to go home early from work because of a terrible tummy ache. I don't think my body is used to so much dairy. As I got to my temporary home at my parents and lied down on their bed convinced I was dying, my father asked, "Have you had a shot of Fernet yet?" Fernet Branca is an Italian liquor that is filled with 40 different herbs. As a child, my parents always gave us a shot of this stuff and poof, our tummy ache would disappear. Now Child's Services may not be too thrilled at the idea of children drinking, but hey! what a perk! It is indeed a wonderful digestivo and I recommend it over any chemically filled antacid. The taste for many is gnarly, but can definitely become a favorite after drinking it a few hundred times. You can feel it work instantly. I love it so much that I always order it at a bar or post dinner.

Transition period... ALMOST OVER!

My current state of major transition is coming to an end. Thank the bloody Lord. I move into a new apt., my life will seem and feel way more stable than living out of boxes at my parents or surfing the couches of friends. I hate feeling like I'm imposing on others, but boy am I grateful for all the love I'm surrounded by. Once I'm settled, my blog entries will be far more consistent and more numerous than these past two months. Life is changing and it feels seriously WONDERFUL! I have purged and continue to purge all these negative toxins (vices, people, habits, etc.) and I'm ready for the next stage in my life. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! GET READY FOR A HEALTHY 2009! And get ready for some major detoxing after this holiday season. People are feeding their problems with really bad food and vices - that definitely includes me!!

Immunity Boosters

I got this from who got it from Shape Magazine:

Immunity Boosters

Posted: 22 Dec 2008 07:49 PM CST

This time of year, every one’s immune system can benefit from a boost. The January issue of SHAPE magazine offered these five “5 minute immunity boosters”, which I am shamelessly passing on to you and hopefully remembering them within my daily routine. But honestly, I really think Numero Dos should be more than five minutes. Don’t you? You’ll see what I mean…

Numero Uno: Eat more mushrooms and broccoli. Shrooms help you kill pathogens while the green stuff, along with cabbage, kale and cauliflower assist your white blood cells in defending your body from free radical damage. Hi - yah!

Numero Dos: Sneak off for a quickie! Have more sex to increase your levels of the antibody immunoglobulin (IgA) which binds to viruses and sends out the 911 to white blood cells to kill the viral mother F’rs.

Numero Tres: Log on to social networking websites. Having lots of friends to turn to, and being able to purge all your stress onto, can help you stay healthy. Unless of course, your friends suck.

Numero Cuatro: Drink tea to boost the effectiveness of your white blood cells. A couple cups a day is good and five is even better. Hooray for polyphenols!

Numero Cinco: Eat more nuts. Gotta get your Vitamin E. Snack on almonds, peanuts, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, and kiwi fruit.

Don’t you just love do-able lists? Easy peasy ways to stay healthy that you can enjoy doing, especially Numero… Uno! You know how much I love broccoli.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Reward

I was so bummed about not seeing Oasis at Staples, but then, on a whim, I drove to Vegas with my friend Alice, met my friend Tita there, saw Oasis at the small (in comparison to the Staples) Pearl Theater at the Palms, and ended up hanging out with Oasis and friends until 4:30am. Don't ask how it happened, cause I'm really not sure - - it was cosmic. But what a great way to reward myself after surviving The 2008 Move.

Enjoy the photos.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I survived the 2008 move.

Ugh. I'm 90% done with my move. Went to bed at 5:30am and feel like a crack addict. I'm drinking coffee (don't judge) and loving it. It's casual day, but got super dressed up cause I can't remember which boxes I packed my jeans in. Unorganized? Totally. Ask anyone, I am a very organized person normally... just not with moving. Anyway - woah, do I have a lot of crap! Well, it's Friday....thank the bloody lord and there's no dead person's innards landing on my face.


I'm sitting here in my empty apartment, still moving boxes in the 'wee small hours of the morning,' listening to Oasis, wishing I went to the concert tonight at Staples and wishing I was getting a massage all at the same time. Almost done now. I had anatomy class this evening. We looked at real live cadavers that were dissected. The professor went through all the systems in the body pulling out the organs as models. He pulled out the brain, the heart, the stomach and intestines, the lungs and then the liver. As he pulled out the liver, the largest gland in the body, a piece of this dead person's innards flies in the air and somehow manages to make it right onto my chin... Yeah.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Roasted/Toasted Almonds &Thyme

Mmm. I was hungry the other night as I was packing up my home, enjoying a glass of wine and thought, I need my protein. Of course at this point my fridge is totally empty minus a few contents in the freezer: cheap vodka, sprouted wheat bread, ice cubes and my nuts! Ha! I always keep my nuts in the freezer :). Keeps them cool. Am I the only one laughing here? Anyway, so I see almonds and remind myself of the yummy almond snacks that many wine bars provide. So I tried to make my own rendition and think I succeeded and possibly even surpassed their recipes! Roasted/Toasted Almonds with Thyme.

I took two handfuls of almonds and threw them on a hot skillet. No oil. I toasted them over the pan for maybe 5 min., shaking the skillet frequently, moving the almonds around so they roast evenly. Roasting can damage some of the good fats and other nutrients in nuts, so the more raw, the more nutritional benefits. So toast them enough to bring out a bit of the flavor of the almonds. Just before you take it off the stove, add sea salt - just a few pinches and mix. Take the skillet off the fire and dribble extra virgin olive oil over the almonds - just enough to glaze over all the almonds. Pour over a paper towel and pat dry. Put in a serving bowl. Add more salt, as desired, and then sprinkle on thyme - just enough for a hint of flavor and mix. OMfreakingG! It's delicious and yummy, especially with some wine.

Next time I'll take a picture!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Transitioning with Blue Corn Pancakes...

One of the most delightful things about life transitions are mothers. Mothers provide warmth, happiness and in my case, blue corn pancakes, the healthy alternative to other types of pancakes... and they're DELICIOUS! Blue corn contains about 30% more protein and 8% less starch (lower glycemic index) than other corns, the texture is far more scrumptious, they sometimes tend to help with issues of constipation (in case you needed help in that area), they're flavor is sweeter than regular corn and blue corn is just prettier to look at. I've talked about blue corn pancakes before! But tis the season to eat down to earth meals. The healthier your choices, the less weight you gain during the holidays! ENJOY!

Check out this website on BLUE CORN!

I buy my blue corn pancake mix from WAR EAGLE MILLS.

The Healthy Gift Basket....

Who doesn't love See's Candy, Mrs. Fields, Mrs. Beasley's, etc.!?! Yeah, they're alright. Frankly, Godiva is really the only thing worth the calories... and homemade cookies. But one of the favorite things to receive at work is EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS. Organic? - no. Sugar free? - not completely. A healthier alternative to the normal holiday crap baskets? - definitely.

Fast Food and Alzheimer's...

This is what happens when moderation doesn't come into play. If this doesn't scare the beJesus out of you, then I'm not sure what will. Fast food is cheap, but not so healthy! Health food can be cheap too, and way healthy. I mean, give me a break - do people really think that you can have a full meal at $0.99 that hasn't been tampered with chemically, messing up your body in astronomical ways?

Anyway, just READ THIS.


Not really. But tis the season to be jolly, merry and gloriously....full. I say this is the time of year we all get a little too friendly with the fattiest foods... and why shouldn't we? It's the best time of year! What health advice can I give you for this time of year - - MODERATION. Moderation is always choice, no matter the time of year.

So what is the food devil every holiday? - - DAIRY (amongst other things)! Keep the dairy intake to a minimum. Realize that everywhere you go there's eggnog, etc. YUM! So cut out the dairy from the other areas of your life - cheese with your wine, milk from your tea or coffee (switch to goat's milk products - yogurt, milk, etc.). Just an idea. And bloating and gas!? Well, that's just inevitable... so for some easy tricks of the gas trade, refer to one of my first blogs ever on FOOD COMBINATION!

Bottom line, enjoy the holidays to their fullest!

Ajax and Bleach!?!?!

Ok... I'm in the middle of moving and restoring my home back to its original state and I realized that I have purchased every eco-friendly ajax and bleach-type products available and I'm sorry but they DO NOT WORK! So, anyone out there have suggestions on how I can be more earth friendly in those areas. Something that's easy!!!! BRING ON THE SUGGESTIONS and I'll post them.

Friday, November 21, 2008


My new lover is goat's milk. I did shots of it last night... for reals. In fact right now I'm having Quaker oats, with goat's milk, cinnamon and honey. I nuked the milk in the microwave for just about 30 seconds, added the oats, tons of cinnamon and a bit of honey. Use hot water to dilute the milk if it's too rich for you.

Ummm... it's delicious. Baaaaaaaaaaaaa.


What can be done!?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Goat's Milk

So...I'm in love. Last week I went to Whole Foods and found, gasp!, Meyenberg GOAT'S MILK! It's was under $4 and it's simply delicious. I have used it in practically everything and it tastes beautiful. The taste is just thicker and richer than regular cow's milk, think half and half with 2% milk. If you buy it and do not care for it, then use it for baking so it doesn't go to waste! But goat's milk products digest more smoothly down your digestive tract than cow's milk - - NO GAS! I'm lactose intolerant and so far no upset stomach.

Click here to learn more about Meyenberg's products!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Anatomy Test 2!

Forgot to mention I got my second A in anatomy!!! Test 3 is tomorrow. Wish me luck!


This is taken directly from the George Mateljan daily recipe emails I receive.

Today's Recipe

If you don't know what to have for a snack or dessert today ...

These sesame bars make a great dessert or nutritious pick-me-up any time of day and they take only minutes to prepare. Enjoy!

Sesame Bar

Sesame Bar

Prep and Cook Time: 10 minutes


  • 1 cup walnuts
  • ½ cup sesame seeds
  • 1½ cups pitted dates
  • 1½ cups raisins
  • 1/8 tsp salt


  1. Pulse all ingredients in food processor until mixture holds together when pressed.
  2. Press mixture into 9inch square pan, and chill. Cut into squares to serve.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Sexy Vegan!!

I just recently met this guy...and he's not only extremely knowledgeable on vegan cuisine and lifestyle, he's a great chef and hilarious!!!!

Here is his Myspace page.

and check out his YouTube videos.


Then go to this (click on image):

World Diabetes Day!

Diabetes is an epidemic that plagues this country. And I guarantee that you know at least one diabetic person. Many family members of mine suffer at the hands of diabetes. I saw my grandmother go through much difficulty towards the end of her life, losing both her legs. It breaks my heart to see people suffer like that.


Major Types of Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes
Results from the body's failure to produce insulin, the hormone that "unlocks" the cells of the body, allowing glucose to enter and fuel them. It is estimated that 5-10% of Americans who are diagnosed with diabetes have type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes
Results from insulin resistance (a condition in which the body fails to properly use insulin), combined with relative insulin deficiency. Most Americans who are diagnosed with diabetes have type 2 diabetes.

Gestational diabetes
Immediately after pregnancy, 5% to 10% of women with gestational diabetes are found to have diabetes, usually, type 2.

Pre-diabetes is a condition that occurs when a person's blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough for a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. There are 57 million Americans who have pre-diabetes, in addition to the 23.6 million with diabetes.


Diabetes is controllable with diet, exercise, medication, etc. and there are major efforts set forth to find a cure. According to the American Diabetes Association:

Total: 23.6 million children and adults -- 8.0% of the population -- have diabetes.

Diagnosed: 17.9 million people

Undiagnosed: 5.7 million people

Pre-diabetes: 57 million people

1.6 million new cases of diabetes were diagnosed in people aged 20 years or older in 2007.


Minority groups are hit hard by this epidemic. Here are more statistics from the American Diabetes Association:

Race and ethnic differences in prevalence of diagnosed diabetes

Sufficient data are not available to derive prevalence estimates of both diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes for all minority populations. For example, national survey data can not provide reliable estimates for the Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander population. However, national estimates of diagnosed diabetes for certain minority groups are available from national survey data and from the Indian Health Service (IHS) user population database, which includes data for approximately 1.4 million American Indians and Alaska Natives in the United States who receive healthcare from the IHS. Because most minority populations are younger and tend to develop diabetes at earlier ages than the non-Hispanic white population, it is important to control for population age differences when making race and ethnic comparisons.

  • Data from the 2005 IHS user population database indicate that 14.2% of the American Indians and Alaska Natives aged 20 years or older who received care from IHS had diagnosed diabetes. After adjusting for population age differences, 16.5% of the total adult population served by IHS had diagnosed diabetes, with rates varying by region from 6.0% among Alaska Native adults to 29.3% among American Indian adults in southern Arizona.
  • After adjusting for population age differences, 2004-2006 national survey data for people diagnosed with diabetes, aged 20 years or older include the following prevalence by race/ethnicity:
    • 6.6% of non-Hispanic whites
    • 7.5% of Asian Americans
    • 10.4% of Hispanics
    • 11.8% of non-Hispanic blacks
  • Among Hispanics rates were:
    • 8.2% for Cubans
    • 11.9% for Mexican Americans
    • 12.6% for Puerto Ricans.


While I feel for all people who are diabetic, my heart especially goes out to all Native Americans who do not have the resources to control their diabetes. Here is a nation who has been stripped of their traditional way of life and way of survival, who have been mistreated as a nation and a race at the hands of greed, and now as a result suffer tremendously from very poor health.

According to the Diabetes Monitor:

How Many American Indians and

Alaska Natives Have Diabetes?

Type 2 Diabetes

About 15 percent of American Indians and Alaska Natives who receive care from the Indian Health Service have been diagnosed with diabetes, a total of 105,000 people. On average, American Indians and Alaska Natives are 2.6 times as likely to have diagnosed diabetes as non-Hispanic whites of a similar age.5 The available data probably underestimate the true prevalence of diabetes in this population. For example, 40 to 70 percent of American Indian adults age 45 to 74 were found to have diabetes in a recent screening study in three geographic areas.6 Data from the Navajo Health and Nutrition Survey, published in 1997, showed that 22.9 percent of Navajo adults age 20 and older had diabetes. Fourteen percent had a history of diabetes, but another 7 percent were found to have undiagnosed diabetes during the survey.7

Type 2 diabetes is becoming increasingly common in youth. Researchers studying 5,274 Pima Indian children from 1967 to 1996 found that the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in girls ages 10 to 14 increased from 0.72 percent in the period 1967 to 1976 to 2.88 percent in the period 1987 to 1996.3 Reports include an increasing incidence in First Nation populations in Canada.8

In 1998, about 70,000 of the 2.3 million self-identified American Indians/Alaska Natives who receive care from the IHS had diabetes.9 Diabetes rates for American Indians vary by tribal group, as shown in table 1.

Diabetes is particularly common among middle-age and older American Indians and Alaska Natives. Its prevalence in American Indians and Alaska Natives, compared with that of non-Hispanic whites by age group and sex, is shown in table 2.

TABLE 1.--Age-adjusted prevalence of diagnosed diabetes among American Indians/Alaska Natives, age 20 and older, by group of tribes--United States, 1997.

Group of Tribes Geographic Area Prevalence (%)
Alaska Alaska 4.4
Atlantic Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas 21.0
Great Lakes Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin 15.2
Northern Plains Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming 16.3
Pacific Tribes California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington 7.0
Southern Plains Kansas, Oklahoma 9.6
Southwest Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah 13.9

Note: Age-adjusted to the 1980 U.S. population; prevalance is per 100 persons. Data on American Indians/Alaska Natives are from the 1997 Indian Health Service (IHS) Patient Care Component file; excludes data from 27 (representing 12 percent of the population served by IHS) of the 145 IHS service units that report data to the IHS because the data were incomplete.

Source: Ríos Burrows (1999, July 26).10

Something must be done to help these people to give them a life that allows them to manage their disease. More to come on this subject soon!!!!



And of course, how could I not talk about diabetes and show my favorite movie preview, Raw For 30 Days!!!?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Skin Brush

Skin brushing is something I have known about for only a couple years. I first heard about it on my 24th birthday from guess what source???? Yeah, You Are What You Eat. Gillian McKeith is a huge advocate of skin brushing! So what the heck is skin brushing???

Let's first start with talking about the skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body...well, on the body. Of course diet is a huge part of good skin, but exfoliation, skin-care products, sunlight, etc. are extremely important factors when trying to take care of your skin. Here's what Wikipedia says about skin hygiene:
Unclean skin favors the development of pathogenic organisms – the dead cells that continually slough off of the epidermis mix with the secretions of the sweat and sebaceous glands and the dust found on the skin to form a filthy layer on its surface. If not washed away, the slurry of sweat and sebaceous secretions mixed with dirt and dead skin is decomposed by bacterial flora, producing a foul smell. Functions of the skin are disturbed when it is excessively dirty; it becomes more easily damaged, the release of antibacterial compounds decreases, and dirty skin is more prone to develop infections.
Dirty skin is just gross and smelly. But this isn't the sixteenth century when taking baths was hardly ever done. Today, people understand that bathing is a crucial part of staying healthy and swearing off bacteria, etc.

There are many layers to the skin. The layer you see is the epidermis, and you're actually looking at dead skin cells. Mmm, dead. How fascinating! According to the website Kid's Health "Every minute of the day we lose about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells off the surface of our skin." Wow.

Anyway, so here's where skin brushing comes in. If you think about it logically, when you brush your hair, you are stimulating your hair follicles, pumping the blood to your head, bringing more life so that you have beautiful shiny hair. So if you were to do the same to the skin, well then you can have beautiful radiant looking skin.



Here are a couple places you can purchase your brush:

Whole Foods (where I got mine around) $8
All Natural Health Products $14
Raw Food Info $8.95


Dry Skin Brushing


So some of you readers may have noticed that I have been slightly M.I.A. over the past couple weeks, and yes I have. Life hit me dead on in the face and I needed some recuperating time. All is not perfect, but I'm happy as a bee! I need to catch up on my entries!! Some good stuff coming up!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Not much happening today, but was in a car accident this morning and that's just a pain in the arse and takes all day to report to insurance, etc. All is well and everyone healthy!

So I just read in Arthur Magazine (don't have time to cite the source now, but will tomorrow or Monday) a fantastic sounding snack.

Lemon Juice
Poppy seeds

Can we say amazing! Just cut the avocado in half... squeeze the lemon and add the poppy seeds. YUM!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quote of the Day!

"I can truthfully say that I am never conscious of my age. Since I reached maturity, I have never been aware of being any older, and I can say, without equivocation or mental reservation, that I feel more alive, alert, and full of enthusiasm today than I did when I was 30 years old. I still feel my best years are ahead of me. I never think of birthdays, nor do I celebrate them. Today I can truthfully say that I am enjoying vibrant health, I don't mind telling people how old I am: I AM AGELESS!"

- Norman Walker - he lived until 99 years old!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Menstrual Cramps....

Or "moon time" cramps... they suck. Here's a great video for tips on natural ways to make your cramps disappear.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quote of the Day!

This just made me laugh.

"Eat right, exercise regularly, die anyway."

- Unknown

Organic Mint Melange Tea

I have only started liking mint tea as of recently. As a child, I really only drank it when I was sick, so to me mint tea is equivalent to yucky medicine. But that was then, this is now. I am indeed reformed and have discovered my love for the Organic Mint Melange Tea from Trader Jose's. During my "moon time" last month, I had the worst cramps. Something told me to have a mint tea, so I did. I drank it and within a few minutes, my cramps were gone! This particular brand is not only DE LISH OUS, but it really heals. Try it for hangovers!


So for a while now I have been on a totally different plane. A couple things happened these past couple weeks that have effected my personal life and this is why I have been so distant from you all. Anyway, I'm coping, dealing, whatevering. I have returned to some vices of which I will not reveal to you until the time is right. Once I get out of this weird plane....I will be back to blogging up a storm!



Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rants and Raves.

It's Wednesday and do you know what tomorrow is? Test #2 in Anatomy. And I am far from ready. I took tomorrow off to study my heart out since I hardly got much studying done this week. Anyhoot, not much time to write... way too many distractions. I'm off to the library.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sinus Infections...

This seems to be really going around. So, I refer to my Back to Eden Book by Jethro Kloss to see what causes it and what can remedy it.

Sinuses, according to Wikipedia are air-filled spaces in the cranium that communicate with the nasal cavity. A sinus infection is when mucous fills those air-filled spaced. Ewwww. People who are constantly in water or change altitude frequently are more prone to sinus infections. Are you a dairy lover? Then you better stop eating the dairy (minus goat's milk products) and realize that dairy clogs up the sinuses.

So how to cure a sinus infection!?

Your bowel movements are extremely important to keep regular. I always say that bowels are the basis of life. They really are. Jethro Kloss recommends taking an enema. Or, for a less abrasive remedy, refer to Gillian McKeith's detox (scroll down for all the Parts) and do that for four days. That should clear you out.

Start you day with warm water with lemon. That helps get the fluids in the body moving.

In addition, Kloss recommends drinking 100% juices (no added sweeteners) consistently and eating raw green veggies.

From Back to Eden: "At times cold applications over the sinuses will give great relief; and at other times alternate hot and cold applications. Use whichever gives you the most relief. Have a pan of both hot and cold water available. Bathe the whole face with hot water, as hot as you can stand; then briefly apply the cold water."

Herbal Treatments:
Make this concoction or herbal liniment that is from Jethro Kloss but can be found in this article on Mother Earth News. Apply the herbal liniment over the sinuses. Rub it in well. Inhale it also.

From Back to Eden: "To cleanse and heal the nose, make tea of bayberry bark or golden seal. Use a teaspoon to a cup of boiling water; let it simmer for thirty minutes; strain when cool or just warm; sniff it up the nose, getting it up both sides, one side a time; this will cleanse and heal at the same time."

DISCLAIMER: These are just suggestions and not moderated by the FDA so make sure that you consult a physician to make sure this works for you. Herbs, although all natural, can be very potent and have dangerous effects on the body if not taken properly. Just keep that in mind. xo

Friday, October 10, 2008


I don't know what's harder, quitting smoking or quitting coffee and sugar and alcohol. Honestly, is crack this hard to quit? Cause that's what I feel like, a crack addict, barely surviving the morning without her crack coffee, and then barely surviving the day without a crack sugar fix and then on the weekends barely able to unwind without the crack alchy. AAAAAAAAAAAAH! I hate withdrawals, but here we go, on the withdrawal train. Wish me luck. And have a great sugar, caffeine, alchy free weekend!!!!



Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Cara who I have known since the 1st grade!


Happy Birthday to my Grandpa Kobritz, my Russian born Austrian/German Grandfather (and my reason for looking like a "gringa") who knew all about good food, introduced me to the best mangoes in the world and had the most incredible garden of every fruit tree and vegetable under the sun. He looked like a Buddha and spoke with a thick German accent and was 5'1". Cutie! He would have been 106 years old today. He passed away 7 years ago at the age of 99. Why did he live so long? I asked my dad this question a few months ago and my father replied, "He never sweated the small stuff." In this time of economic craziness and uncertainty, it's a good lesson to remember.


Bussel Sprouts...

They are not gross!!! As a child, this was one of my favorite things to eat. My mother knew exactly how to prepare them to perfection!

Get a bag of brussel spouts at Trader Jose's or a stem of them at the Farmer's Market. Wash them. Then steam them for about 4 min. - 8 min. until they are slightly aldente. You still want them crunchy, never soft. They lose a lot of their nutritional value if steamed too much. Meanwhile, have a pan on the stove with 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter... REAL BUTTER IS NOT BAD FOR YOU as long as you are eating right, it's not bad for you! Margarine, or soy butter is not good for you at all. If you're vegan, then use walnut oil or sunflower oil, but if you're not, then real butter is the way to go.

Once the butter has melted and the pan is really hot, throw in the brussel spouts for about 20 seconds and quickly stir around in the butter. Throw on some salt and pepper and the take them off the pan as fast as you can and enjoy. Raw foodist might disagree with this preparation, but wouldn't you rather enjoy a healthy food???? There is still enough nutrients for it to make an impact on your life.

For the salad I made in the previous entry, I cut off the ends of the sprouts and cut them in half. They make a delicious addition/ garnish to any salad, especially with the apple cider vinegar dressing!

Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing

I have been on a roll with a new salad dressing I've been working on. I don't know the exact measurements of everything, but half the fun is discovering how to make it to perfection and your liking. The chemistry of a dressing is yours to discover. But I'll tell you the ingredients.

Apple Cider Vinegar
1 - 2 cloves of garlic FRESH!
(not pre-minced garlic!! I'm discovering fresh is far more potent and flavorful)
Olive Oil
Sea Salt

Use your taste buds to lead you to use these ingredients and create a delicious, fresh tasting dressing.

Here's a salad I made the other day with it. Mmmmm. Check out all those ingredients, the Manna bread and brussel sprouts! Mmmmm. Yes, they can be delicious. Check the next entry on how to make delicious tasty brussel sprouts.

Apple Cider Vinegar

I've been using the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar from Trader Jose's, which to most people is disgusting, but to me is not bad! But, this past weekend when I was in Santa Barbara with my mother, who has acid reflux, we ate a bunch of rich food and I thought to prevent her reflux from acting up that I would run to Ralphs and grab her some Apple Cider Vinegar. I never ever thought Ralphs would carry Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, but they do (not sure if at every location) and it's so very tasty!! Much more tolerable than the Trader Joe's kind. I am sure Whole Foods carries it as well. Or just go to the Bragg Website.

Anyway, if you have indigestion or ate waaaay too much and have that "I can't move" feeling, then take 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. Woah, does it work amazingly. Keep drinking it until you feel better if 2 tablespoons doesn't do the trick. I'm not saying the entire bottle, just a little at a time. You'll burp away your pain.

Wanna Get Emotional?

Then read this.

(Queue tissues)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


WOOO! I found local honey.

For those of you who live in the West Los Angeles area, be happy (although some of you may already know this). Vital Zuman Certified Organic Honey is on PCH in Malibu, but is sold at various Farmer's Markets that I can never get to because of work. Instead, I went directly to the source! Local honey that is within 20 miles of your home is known to help allergies tremendously. From where I live, Vital Zuman honey is it's 26 miles... not within the recommended mileage of 20 miles, but close enough. If some of you are confused as to what the heck I'm talking about, a couple eons ago I discussed this!! Natural cure for allergies - - yes! Try it. So far so freaking good.

Mmmmm.... Quinoa Heaven

My boyfriend Michael just sent me this link to this delicious, yummy looking Quinoa Recipe.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sore Eyes

I am having major eye issues. Not just today, but yesterday too. They feel sore, dry, listless and the stinging is just plain awful. I'm here at work finding it very hard to do anything. The best feeling is to keep them closed, but that's not going to fly at my job. So luckily I have my Back to Eden book by Jethro Kloss which gives natural remedies for most any ailment.

Here's what Kloss has to say about sore eyes:
Causes: Eye troubles may be caused from a deficient diet. The eating of unhealthful foods and drinks such as tea, coffee, condiments, alcohol, as well as the use of tobacco, weakens the nerves and hinders the free circulation of blood to the eyes.

Unhealthful foods and drinks cause impure blood, and when the circulation carries impure blood to the eyes it weakens them. The all-important thing is to eat food that will give you a pure bloodstream. inflammation of the eyes from any cause will greatly benefit by the following treatment.

Treatment: For eye trouble it will be necessary to correct the diet and leave off all harmful foods and drinks. Get plenty of sleep in a well-ventilated room. Cleanse the system thoroughly with blood-purifying herbs such as Echinacea, fruit and fruit juices, and cleansing vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, celery and leafy greens.

Take the juice of a lemon every morning one hour before breakfast in a cup of hot water. Steep one teaspoon of red raspberry leaves and one teaspoon of witch hazel leaves in a cup of boiling water, and strain through a cloth. When using the powder, use one-half teaspoonful in a cup of water. Saturate a soft cloth with this tea and apply it as a wet pack to the eyes or bathe the eyes with it often, using an eye cup (or shot glass). Fennel tea is excellent when taken internally. It will benefit the eyes as it strengthens them. When used in an eye cup, dilute one-third with water.

Charcoal or Slippery Elm poultices, applied cold to the yes, will relieve inflammation.

An excellent eyewash for everyday use as well as when there is particular difficulty is the following: one teaspoon of Golden Seal and one level teaspoon of boric acid (not sure where to find this, but click here for alternative idea) dissolved in a pint of boiling water; shake well and let settle. You may pour off the liquid, or use just as is.

Hot and cold applications to the eyes with a heavy wash cloth will relieve itching and soreness. Aloe Vera gel applied to the eyelids relieves itching and burning eyes.
So hopefully this helps. I recognize my problem was the lack of health in my life this week. Between my friend, Heather's birthday and my vacation to Santa Barbara with my mother for her birthday, I did not give my body the best treatment.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So much to do, so little time...

Not much time to blog today as I am preparing for a magical night with one my besties and fellow nutrition freaks, Heather, who's birthday is today and tonight we are going on an Old Hollywood Extravaganza tour!


Tomorrow I will blog a new recipe and some other goodies.

Until then.... adios.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today is my three year anniversary from quitting cigarettes! If you can believe it, the first cigarette touched my lips at the tender age of nine. I am cigarette free... officially.

If you want to know the secret to my success, CLICK HERE.

All I can say is, thank you Allen Carr.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Yummy Healthy Snack

The alternative to the cookie. I loooove dipping these in tea! I get these at Whole Foods. Yum.

Taken from the Health Valley Website.

Original Amaranth Graham Crackers™

Today, modern science confirms that Amaranth is truly a "supergrain." Amaranth is rich in lysine, one of the essential amino acids that is usually low in other grains. It contains three times as much fiber and five times as much iron as wheat, and has more than 12 different vitamins and minerals. From a nutritional standpoint, it is clear why the Aztecs referred to Amaranth as a "wonder grain."

  • Organic wheat & amaranth
  • Low fat & low sodium
  • No hydrogenated oils

Ingredients: organic whole wheat flour, cane juice, soybean oil, soy flour, organic amaranth flour, unsulfured molasses, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor, baking soda, sea salt.

Sweat Lodge

What is a sweat lodge?

From Wikipedia:
The sweat lodge (also called sweat house, medicine lodge, or medicine house) is a

ceremonial sauna and an important ritual used by some North American First Nations or Native American peoples. There are several styles of sweat lodges that include a domed or oblong hut similar to a wickiup, a teepee, or even a simple hole dug into the ground and covered with planks or tree trunks. Stones are typically heated in an exterior fire[1] and then placed in a central pit in the ground. Often the stones are granite and they glow red in the dark lodge.

This past weekend my boyfriend, Michael, and I took part in a sweat lodge in Ojai, CA. It was probably one of the most exciting, incredible and hardest experiences I've had. To be apart of something that has taken place for centuries by the people who first lived in this country felt very special. My interest for Native American culture and tradition does not come from my upbringing even though I have Navajo blood, but rather something that peaked my interest a few years ago after reading so much about the culture and the people and feeling that their way of respecting the earth was something that I wanted to emulate. Michael is part Cherokee and feels the same. It was such an honor to be apart of this.

Read more about the sweat lodge HERE. I recommend it for health reasons and spiritual growth. You can be of any religion to partake in this ceremonial tradition, but I must warn you, it's intense. Learn as much as you can to see if it's really for you.

Here's a little amateur footage from our experience:

Friday, September 26, 2008


... this is to benefit the Big Sur Redwoods (after the recent fires)! Go if you can!

Ladies and Gentlemen...

... we are now floating into space...

well, I'm floating on cloud 9 at least. I got an A on my first anatomy exam! WA-Freaking-HOO!!!!

Recycle Now...

Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed!

Oh yes, today is Johnny Appleseed's (John Chapman's) birthday!!! It's because of him that so many states have apples! He was a bearded vegetarian and loved and respected the earth.

Read about him here.

It's Friday, so gimme some HOT COCOA!

It's Friday... YAY! And after riding my bike to work, I deserve a treat of organic, fair trade hot cocoa from Trader Jose's! It's delish. So check out some interesting facts on COCOA below.

Trade coffee for cocoa.
From WebMD

In a study published in a 2006 issue of the Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that cocoa containing high levels of two dietary flavonols (epicatchin and catechin) protected skin from sun damage, improved circulation to skin cells, affected hydration, and made the skin look and feel smoother. Delicious!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lunch and Lifestyle

Many of you might be wondering why I have not posted a new lunch in a while. Well, I'm not that creative to come up with something new every single day... not yet at least. I have been enjoying my lovely salad creations for the past few lunches. So make sure to check out my lunch ideas (located in the menu on the ride side below) to get your healthy dose of deliciousness. There's never an excuse to eat an unhealthy lunch. Of course in moderation you can enjoy your burger and fries.

I always have to remind people that being healthy is NEVER a diet, it's a change in lifestyle. If you want to be overweight the rest of your life, then do diets. If you want to feel and look great 100% of the time while still enjoying the occasionally pig-out, then a change in lifestyle is necessary - AND NOT THAT HARD! If you need help in how to change your lifestyle, check out Gillian McKeith's You Are What You Eat, aka the lifestyle Bible.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Out TODAY! Actually YESTERDAY! But who cares...

Yes, forgot to mention that my heroes, Brightblack Morning Light, dropped their second album yesterday on Matador Records. Get your LP, CD or MP3 HERE!

These guys are so inspiring in their want and need to care for Mother Nature. They're album was recorded entirely under solar power. Let's all learn from their example.

"This impassioned ode to the natural world and traditional lifestyles is as political as it is personal. Nathan Shineywater and Rachael Hughes make their music for everyone, but they have a special love for wild and sundrenched places, far from the commercial distractions of the city and the crowds."

Quote of the Day!

"The greatest wealth is health."


Cats & Heart Disease

Thunder and Blueberry

I was NEVER a cat person growing up, never ever ever. In fact my allergies to cat as a child often landed me in bed for a couple days, almost hospitalized a few times and that never gave me very much appreciation for the feline... until New Years Day when I turned to my boyfriend while watching a movie and said, "I want a cat." WHAT!? Out of nowhere I got the urge to own a cat. And the day came when we found the perfect kitties (thanks Ingrid). Yes, we ended up owning not one, but two cats, brother and sister, Thunder and Blueberry. They turned a year old in August, which makes them teenagers (specifically 15 years and 10 months old) in cat years. They're like my babies. I love them as if they were my own. There's just one problem - - if they really were just like my own, I'm scared to be a mother, because if my own child is going to be as cute as my darling kitties, then by their teenage years they would have only learned the words, "I wuv wuv wuv wuv yoooooou. GOOOOOOOOOOBERS. GOOOOOOBIE DOOOBIE DOOOO." Yeah, pathetic, right? I want my cats and children to understand human language, but at 15 I don't think there's much hope when I can't help but love them and squeeze them and talk in a baby voice to them. I am like the little girl, Elmyra from the cartoon Tiny Toons:

Anyway, since owning a cat and becoming a cat lover/obsess-er, I have learned that cats actually make humans healthier. Check out this article to learn why:

In addition, for those of you who own cats, there is something about petting a cat that relieves stress, right? Dogs bring joy to the life of a human, but cats are so lazy-like, and when you pet them, they immediately drop to the ground, pass out and purr... it's quite contagious!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dream Job...

I wish I could take this job for Susun Weed.

Seeking Personal Assistant in Woodstock NY

If you live in or close to Woodstock NY, this position may be for you. Part time office worker needed to help Susun Weed in her home. Must be reliable, responsible, ready to work. Attention to detail essential. If interested send an email to

We look forward to hearing from you,

Wise Woman Web Team

Autumnal Equinox and First Day of Fall


Whether or not you try and heal all your ailments naturally, it's never to late to try. One of the most incredible resources for your learning pleasure is Jethro Kloss's Back to Eden. If you google Jethro Kloss, not much comes up about him. Unfortunately, I left my copy of Back to Eden at home to type out the bio the book provides.

But why wait when you can buy your own copy for $2.29.

Kloss was big into water therapy and believed that water, depending on temperature, application and consumption could heal anything. He has wonderful examples of healing patience with pneumonia. After reading it, I only just wished the doctors that helped Bernie Mac read this.

An example of treatment (from off the top of my head) for migraines/headaches:
Put feet up to knees in hot water (as hot as the person can handle) with two tablespoons of mustard.
Apply cold compress to the neck area - keep reapplying ice cold water to compress.
Drink mint tea simultaneously.
... something like that.

Just to read his stories of saving hundreds of lives of hopeless cases because of his natural treatments is incredible! His knowledge is inspiring.

I cherish my copy:

Monday Monday...

So I am back, refreshed, rejuvenated and now detoxing. Yes, I went camping this weekend in the Angeles Forest. No, nothing went according to plan. Yes, it was still amazing. My boyfriend ended up not being able to go this weekend. So, at the twelfth hour, I had to find another partner... and came upon my neighbor, friend Holly! So around 5:30 on Friday we set off for Mountain Oak, CA. It took us 4 hours to get there... we missed the freeway change at one point that set us back about 30 min. Then we arrive in Wrightwood, the town where Mountain High is, and began to look for our campsite 10 miles away. It was by this time 9pm and we got lost. Not even the Mountain High ranger knew where our campground was. Anyway, we found the cutest little motel, Pines Motel, with a room the size of my apt. for $69.

But the next morning we got to our campground, made tea, hiked, relaxed, journaled, read, meditated, ate extremely well, etc.

This is us with wine, not pee!

Thank you Holly for coming with me. So much fun, delicious food, relaxation, bonding with nature and girl time.

Better For You Than S'mores Apple Dessert:

1 Apple
Vanilla Extract
Heavy Whipping Cream or Half and Half (or something else if you're vegan)

Using a knife, cut out the core of the apple and the stem. But make sure you don't cut the apple in half to do this. Apple must remain whole.
Poor vanilla extract in the now hole of the apple.
Cover the whole apple with ground cinnamon.
Put apple in tin foil and place on the campfire grill. After about 10 min. open foil and add more cinnamon. Check after 15 and it should be ready, but leave for longer if not.
I stole 1 tiny half and half packet from a diner earlier that morning and poured some on top of the apple.