Friday, March 14, 2008

AA for the Healthy

So I'm on this kick of not drinking. I'll only drink for special occassions, like my pet's birthday or something. For all of January and part of February I was psuedo AA. I did it for detox reasons, and I dropped about 7 pounds pretty easily. I didn't even expect to lose weight - - that was an added bonus! The magic of not drinking. And it felt good to go out and just be sober. It was still fun and no hangover. The key, I think, is to drink something with bubbles (Bubbles are festive) and if you drink soda, STOP! That would totally defeat the purpose of detoxing. So drink sparkling water - add a lemon for flavor. That's what I did. And through osmosis, I felt as tipsy as the people I was with!!! Heather did this with me. We broke our drink-fast a couple weeks ago and all I can say is, word to the wise, drink carefully your first time drinking again. I had the fortunate experience of having a few too many drinks (which was not many) directly in front of my boss, and lemme tell you, not cool.

Anyway, let's all try and be a pseudo AA for a couple weeks, shall we? Protect your liver, and your insides from the filthy toxins that alcohol contains. I promise you, there are still fun times and the detox experience is great - - your body will thank you. And... you can learn to feel confident without the, who knew? It's really easy.

P.S. I am currently doing research on the fact that the negatives of alcohol outweigh the positives of the antioxidants found in red wine. I know I know. :(

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