Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Anatomy is hard...

So I had my anatomy class last night and, for all my friends who are reading this, you know the hell that is my anatomy class. It's not really hell. My teacher Paul is a hard ass, but I do have to hand it to him, I am learning so much. And I seriously love his dry sense of humor. He has not cracked a smile during the 42 hours I have been in his classroom, but deep down I just know he's laughing. He's really funny and he wears braces. Anatomy is twice a week, 3 hours per class. Paul gives 2 quizzes per class - Now that I don't love so much. I certainly hated it the last two classes, and last night I let it show. After he said to us that our end of class quiz (which we have at every class on the material we JUST learned) would be graded on a group level: the lowest grade of the group would be the grade for the entire group, and if the lowest grade had more than four questions wrong than the next lowest grade, then the entire group got a zero. Just to give you an idea, I believe the class started with around 50 something students; we're down to 18. My group was me, then the smartest kid in the class, the smartest kid in the world, then the kid who can look at the skeletal structure of a dinosaur and remember all their parts in 5 min. So studying with these cats was just not working. I tried my hardest to be positive about the situation. We had 45 min. to study AS A GROUP and then we would take the quiz. Word to the Mthr Fer. Ain't happening Homie. So within about 5 seconds, 45 min. was up!! I just turned to my group and said, "you guys..." and then started to cry. I just felt terrible that I could not memorize the information fast enough. I could not memorize 50 muscles and their origin and insertion in 45 min. I'm slow, gimme a break! So at the end of class I went up to Paul and said, "Paul (queue crying), I just feel terrible that my grade is going to impact the other kids (who all got 10/10, btw) and it's just not fair that they have to suffer because my learning abilities are not quite up to par with theirs." He patted me on the back and said, "Amanda, that shows great character (queue blushing - but you can't see the redness since I am already red from crying). I only said that to get you guys motivated to do your best. Don't worry, no one will be effected." I was like, "WTF!?" I wasn't sure if I wanted to hug him or beat him down. But I like Paul. He's a great teacher. I just have to studying harder and better. Anyway, I was still effected after spending 45 min. stressing on the fact that I was not retaining information fast enough, and left the class still crying. I called my boyfriend Michael for comfort and cried all the way to my car. I couldn't find my car (typical) and just roamed around the parking lot, with everyone in their cars lined up to exit the structure, all staring at me. I finally found my car, put my 500 page text book on the top of the car so I could grab the keys out of my purse. Couldn't find my keys, but next thing I know, my textbook falls on the big toe of my foot. It was just one of those nights. I think most of my friends had pretty poopy days yesterday. Bummers.

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