Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 2 Detox: Confessions of a Detoxer...

How are we all doing!?!?!? It feels good, right!?

Well, one of the most important things I have learned so far about nutrition and the important characteristics about being a professional in this industry is to be non-judgemental. And absolutely, how can you help people if you judge them?! So that leads into my confession and please don't judge me - I think I have a pretty good excuse. But Amanda (me) made a no-no on her detox. Let me just begin by saying that I knew my anatomy test (the one that no matter what I got an A on) was going to be really hard. Let's just say I am barely surviving today on less than 15 hours of sleep all week! Let's not even discuss the all-nighter I pulled one week ago today for my speech class last Saturday (I had to deliver a speech - it went really well) because I was studying for Anatomy. Anyway, I've been smoking the crack - - well, not really. I call coffee crack. The night before last I slept 1.5 hours and had to go to work and the only thing to help me after I started to crash was the crack. Then last night after my test I went to bed at 1am and today I am feeling the pain, so more crack. I will be back to normal after my speech class tomorrow, which I have a quiz in. Going to school and working full time is HARD STUFF.

Still no excuse. I am sorry to those I let down, but don't let it discourage you - - I am still detoxing!!! And I was going to wait to confess my secret, but being honest is so important!!! So still definitely detoxing - just a little modified for these two days.


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