Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Detox Day!

People, people, people. The day is coming. D DAY IS COMING! Thursday I am trying to rally a bunch of people to do a detox with me and Michael (my boyfriend). So far on the list, Heather! Christmas (aka Noel)! This is the detox directly from Gillian McKeith's book, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! I'm obsessed.

Here's the plan so you can prepare. My goal is to do the detox for four days possibly more or less. Heather will do for 2 days, Michael for probably 5 days, Noel maybe 4 days. Anyway, it's so much better to do it with other people. Support!

Anyway, so a little bit about the detox. Detoxing to me does not mean starving yourself for 10 - 20 days, or even just a couple days, it's really just about cleaning your system and your colon. You eat in this detox...

Ok...so for the detox I have tried for the past four hours to PDF it and then attach it somehow to this entry. But it looks like I have to do it individualy. Secondly, the scanning isn't that amazing. So if you cannot read something please email me or just get the darn book yourself. So check the next few entries for the detox.

You will feel so good. I promise!

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