Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Earth to your Mother Earth News

My three saving graces last night after my dreadful experience in my anatomy class were my friend Louise, her peanut butter and pickle sandwich and my new issue of Mother Earth News. I went over to Louise's and we talked all night about our crappy days, then watched the airplanes in the sky, followed by some fierce games of Rock Star. She made me a nut butter and pickle sandwich and I'm not sure if it's a Canadian thing (she's from Canada) or an Italian thing (she's also Italian), but I've certainly never heard of anyone mixing peanut butter and pickles (minus pregnant women). But don't dis. The stuff is tasty! Wheat bread, we used sunflower seed butter and pickles. TRY IT! It's delish.

Then I got home and for the past two weeks I have just been running home everyday waiting for my next issue of Mother Earth News to come in the mail...and yesterday it finally came! Even though it was already 1am when I got home, I still managed to open the magazine and get a little reading in. So second to Gillian McKeith's, "You Are What You Eat" I would say that Mother Earth News Magazine is my second Bible. Runner-up Bible. haha. I've been a subscriber for a little over a year after researching various magazines that cover health, environment, sustainable living, etc. It's the best and extremely informative about everything from how to grow the best tomatoes, to farming bills, how to live more green on a daily basis, just all around how to keep aware of important issues.

Check it out!!! And subscribe!!! only $10!!! Their website is fantastic:

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