Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eat Healthy Everywhere You Go!

People, how many times do you make excuses for not eating healthy because the place you are going won't necessarily have healthy food. That is such a farse! Look, everything I write in here is an "ideal way" to eat and live. I definitely have problems always following the right path, but it takes work and practice. Let's get perfect at this together.

So, when you go somewhere and you know there isn't an array of healthy, unpronounceable food, well, eat beforehand so that you aren't too hungry. Then you can have a small amount of the unhealthy grub OR you can try and make it a healthy dining experience. Easy.

One of my biggest pet peeves are people with different diets who complain that no place serves the kind of food they like. Remember it's a choice to be this way and we can't expect everyone to be in the same boat. I got this every time I went somewhere with a particular vegan and let me respond to that. Bring your own food and snacks everywhere you go. Always be prepared that most places you go to may not accommodate your changed lifestyle 100%. I like to bring with me carrots w/ raisins and almonds to snack on when I run errands. I try and carry tea bags with me and a packet of miso soup in the car. At work I keep a snack drawer with teas, nuts, dried fruit and miso soup. In the fridge I have a salad ingredients. On days when I forget my lunch I have my back up in the fridge. Today I had nut butter with toast and honey and some green tea. Not the best lunch, but definitely a better alternative to the cup o noodles in the work kitchen.

Let's say you're with a group of people and going out to dinner at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. What's the solution? Well, let's look at an online menu of the place:

Assuming you want to be healthy, there are plenty of options on the menu that would be ok! Now, keep in mind, the mentality is wanting to do the best that you can.


Here are a list of things I would suggest eating at Roscoe's:

1. Like I said try and eat a salad or something similar before you go.
2. I believe they have chicken there that is not fried (sadly not organic, most likely - but like I said you do the best you can) . Take off the skin if it is fried and try and make it white meat.
3. candy yams - mmmm and yams are good for you and this is a sweet touch!
4. dinner salad
5. collared greens (you can't do better in nutrients than that and so tastey!)
6. red beans
7. I think you can get eggs there too any style - so get them poached if possible. This is done by boiling the raw egg in water. So it's very healthy, but sadly, most likely not organic. But you're doing the best you can.
8. If the chicken was organic, I would suggest chicken livers, especially for small children. Great source of nutrients and is very delicious sauteed and then spread over a piece of wheat toast. I don't eat chicken, but when I did, it was easily one of my favorite delicatessens my mother made. Since it's not organic, save it for another time. You don't want to eat the liver of a non-organic chicken.
9. Chef's salad
10. Chicken burger and ignore the potato salad and fries. They don't do substitutions, so you're outta luck in that department.

You see. This is one of the least healthiest restaurants around and I just found you the best things to eat there. It's easy. You need discipline and a little creativity and make sure you're not starving. We make bad decisions on an empty stomach...

Lesson to be learned: You can find the healthy in everything.

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