Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Naturally Nachos

DON'T BE HORRIFIED! There is a solution!! Yes! Ti's true. You can enjoy a healthy version of greasy, sloppy nachos. I came up with this recipe about three weeks ago when I had an insane craving for cheese, chips and beans.

Warning: This does not really follow all the food combining rules. Tooting may not necessarily be avoided.

Naturally Nachos - like totally healthy!

Preheat your oven to 425 - 450 degrees

1. Get yourself a bag of Flax Seed Chips. Email me if you can't find where to get these. These are the only justifiably healthy chips that if you eat a ton you won't necessarily feel disgusting. Spread those chips in a roasting dish.

2. Pick up some soy cheddar cheese (shredded if possible) and goat's cheese. Get soy mozzarella too. Go crazy and make it a medley. Spread cheese all over those chips.

3. 1/2 can of black beans, 1/2 a can of garbanzo beans, and any other beans. Just scoop out and evenly put on top of the cheese. FYI - you want the cheese to melt onto the chips themselves.

4. Fresh vegetables cut up: I like orange peppers, broccoli (chopped very finely), or whatever else you like. Make sure they are cut small - they roast quicker that way. Sprinkle those veggies all over the top layer.

5., put that shizzle in the oven. Check after 8 min. And keep checking after that. Make sure the cheese has totally melted and then bring it out.

7. While the nachos are brewn', in a small sauté pan - sauté for a couple minutes pine nuts. What a treat to put on the top. Gives it a very nice flay-va. And don't stop there, you can throw on some roasted flax seeds. Good for digestion. And throw on some sprouts. Any kind, it's all good protein! The best kind of protein!

6. Fresh avocados (for more nutritional value) to make your own guacamole (just add fresh minced garlic, lime juice, sea salt and a little Mexican panache), or you can be lazy and get ready-made guacamole. Trader Joe's, I swear by their spicy guacamole. Put this on at the very end.

7. Tomatillo salsa is my absolute favorite. Trader Joe's has an excellent one. Add that to the mix or your salsa of choice!

Call me if you make it, I'm coming right over. : )

Enjoy - and if you have other suggestions of how to make my already perfect Naturally Nachos even more perfect... tell me about it. : D

Peace, love and health!

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