Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Spring - LET'S REVAMP! Are you a SMOKER?!?


This is just such a touchy subject for some people. Well, as an ex smoker, I just want to make it clear that it IS possible to quit smoking and never once look back. Seriously. I was not a social smoker, I was a smoker smoker, and had I continued I would still be smoking many many cigs per day and talking with a raspy voice.


So you don't think I am serious!? I started smoking at the age of 9 years old. My step grandmother let me have a cigarette with her. I took to it so naturally, like a baby to a bottle. I loved it. I thought I was so adult smoking her Capris and soooooo soooophisticated, Daaahling. That's what she always said, "Hand me my cigs, Daaaahling." She's European (German) and of a different era, so I don't think she understood the implications of giving me my first cigarette had on me. I REALLY looked forward to visiting Grandpa and my step grandma. Of course I would run into their house after not seeing them for a few months and shout, "Hi Grandpa! Bye Grandpa!" And then dart to grandma's room and we would start smoking. By 13 I was chain smoking with her. I would smoke like 10 in a row really fast and get incredibly buzzed. I would go home smelling like smoke, but of course I would just blame grandma. haha. So easy! By 16 in high school, I felt so freaking cool in my James Dean attitude and Catholic school uniform, doc marten mary janes with knee high socks and a cigarette in my mouth. But I was too embarrassed to smoke where anyone could see me. So I saved my "coolness" for the mirror in my bedroom and smoked on the balcony. I really thought I loved smoking. I was smoking anywhere from 1 pack a week to 10 cigarettes a day.

By 18, after graduating high school, I went to London and was smoking 2 packs per day for 6 weeks straight. When I returned I was down to a pack. This continued until 2004 when my mother - God bless her - gave me a book (what a surprise) on how to quit smoking for my Christmas present. "Gee Ma, thanks. I love it. Really. Wow. Thanks. Yeah." Bssht. I wasn't about to quit smoking. I wasn't "ready." So by spring time the following year (2005) I decided to maaaaybe start thinking about it. I hated waking up every morning hacking and mucousy. It's gross. It's gross to hear someone doing it, but it's grosser when you're the one doing it. Anyway, I was at least thinking about it. I picked up the book late September after I had just got off the phone with an old friend, Miss Kimme, who said she decided to quit smoking. The book is called, "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr. I wasn't even sure I was ready to "quit," but by page 27 I stopped smoking. That was September 30, 2005 and I have not touched a cigarette since.

Allen has this way of making you realize that you never really liked smoking and that the act of smoking is really just the act of stopping the with drawl. READ IT AND LOVE IT!

FYI - YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE "READY" TO QUIT IN ORDER TO READ THIS BOOK!!! In fact he recommends people not "ready" to read it. Trust me, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE READY TO QUIT TO READ THIS BOOK! Can I stress that enough that you do not need to be ready to quit smoking in order to read this book???!

It was because of that book that I got here today. Had I not quit smoking cigarettes I would have never gained the weight I did and would never received the other wonderful book my mom gave me, "You Are What You Eat" aka my bible, and would never be so fascinated with nutrition.


Enough is enough with killing yourself. It is a known fact that your chances of getting lung cancer increases like a trillion times if you have smoked for ten years or more. It's never too late. If I could do it, and I am a creature of not habit, but addiction - - then you can too!

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