Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Late Night Ramble...

Just a late night ramble note here. It's 1am and here I am studing for my anatomy test on Thursday, jealous as I watch my cat, Thunder, getting a little more enjoyment from my pillow than I am lately. But learning about muscle tissue, especially about their neuromuscular junctions is really exciting stuff.

So on a good note, I went into work today with a smile and I was pretty satisfied with the end result. It really helps to be positive, because even if the things around you aren't so positive, you still are.

And just want to give a shout out to my mother who is flying to Beijing, as we speak! Happy, safe travels. I love you.

Has anyone seen La Bamba? Greatest movie ever along with a few others. Well, I saw it as a wee child in Chico, CA at the local movie theatre there with my mom, twice in a row and I would just like to end with a quote from it, "Richie Valens and his fly-EENG gihtar."

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