Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dead Sea Salt

The TI think many of you have probably heard of Dead Sea products such as Ahava. These are fabulous skin exfoliates because these products use the actual salt from the Dead Sea. However, are you aware that these products are exhausting the sea's natural resources? YES! Salt is disappearing. My friend Nicole Gad recently informed me of this. She went to Israel I think about a year ago and said that the salt pillars usually found in the Dead Sea were severely low. People this is huge! I mean this is a very big deal. So let's do Mother Nature a favor and let others know about this. As wonderful as these products are we cannot deplete natural resources if we can't find a way to keep them there. It's a cycle and it's important to realize that we only take take and take, but when do we ever replenish? These resources are not forever. So let people know about these products and the consequences of using them. Hey, if we ever have the luxury of taking our kids to Israel, we want to still be able to float in the Dead Sea! Without salt, we can't do that.

In the meantime, I am researching to find great skin products and solutions, especially for those people suffering with adult acne. So have no fear, I will have your substitute for Ahava and other like-products very soon.

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