Monday, March 17, 2008


So, I bought the Lush products!!!!! They seem to work!! But let's not get ahead of ourselves, I'm going to keep monitoring it for a while. But I purchased them on Saturday (couldn't make it on Friday). This really "Lush-ous" guy René at the Beverly Hills location" helped me out. Love him. He was super knowledgeable on all the products and made the entire experience very entertaining. So purchased Fresh Farmacy Soap, Eau Roma Water and Imperialis Cream. The total came to about $73. But it's enough product to last a very long time.

Ok, so let's talk results. I started using the products the minute I got home, so around 7pm in the evening on Saturday. By 10 pm, I looked in the mirror and noticed the redness was noticeably gone from around my mouth. Sunday morning, I woke up and went to the mirror and started to scream out of joy. The redness was 100% gone. My acne was drying out too!! Today, Monday, I didn't even find the need to put on makeup. I can still see the acne area, but it is severely different, drastically improved. AMAZING!! I hope it keeps up the good work, but at this rate, I'm eventually not going to recognize myself anymore... "Hello, Gorgeous!"

I am still drinking my green tea. I love green tea though so not just drinking it for the skins results. My skin feels so soft. I hope Lush is really the cure.

If you're interested in trying the products and you live close by, go see René at the Beverly Hills location on Beverly Drive. Or order online:
I am definitely checking out their other products.

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