Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Partners in crime...

I'm currently taking an anatomy course at Santa Monica College. It really gets me thinking as I study this shizzle how we all have millions and trillions of microorganisms working together inside our bodies. All the bones, muscles, tissues, nerves, blood vessels, cells, etc. are all different parts of a whole that make everything function and work properly. So in other words, your being is just one part of a multiplex of other microorganisms of your own body. Your being is just a part of that larger whole. So the whole point of this tangent is to realize that whatever you do to your body, it effects more than just you, your being. You have like a billion partners, so-to-speak, co owners, whatever you want to call your parts of the body to think of. You want all your body parts happy and working in happy, healthy, safe conditions so that your body functions at its peak! So when you eat something that's not so healthy, you're providing that as nutrients and fuel for the microorganisms and sadly, they just can't work in bad conditions, or a bad diet.

This is why I love nutrition. We have the ability to control all aspects of our body: mind and moods (that's right even depression), spirit, physical appearance, etc. Food is everything, so don't just put anything into your mouth. Think about the consequences. Seriously. Think of your army of microorganisms fighting for you. You have a big responsibility.

Peace, love and health! EAT WELL!

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