Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I am so pumped right now because I found #5613 labels that I needed for a project at work! So funny how the smallest things in life can make you so freaking happy! You know what else makes me happy? RECYCLING!

Before I begin this entry, let me just say that it is selfish of us to think that we have no impact on the future. Whether you will be here or not, taking care of the earth is extremely important. You are not the only life on this planet. It's important to allow the future to enjoy it's natural resources. Each person does in fact make a difference.

Are you aware that roughly 95% of the items you throw in your trash can are really recycleable? Bet you didn't. Some of you don't even recycle. Some of us are late bloomers. Most of you have your recycling bin next to your trash can - and it's probably a lot smaller than your trashcan. Well switch them! The majority of what you get rid of is recycleable. Instead of listing what can be recycled, let me just tell you what should not be - - food, used tea bags, dirt, hair, vaccuum waste, hmmmm. Make sense? Most of the things you buy are packaged in plastic - all that should be thrown in the recycling bin. Used paper towels go in the recycling bin - - anything paper, plastic, aluminum should go in the recycling bin. If there's some food on it, rinse it off. Easy. You get the idea?

For more information on the obscure items to recycle, check this site out: http://www.obviously.com/recycle/guides/hard.html

Here's another great site for your rechargeable batteries and cellphones: http://www.rbrc.org/call2recycle/

So let's talk a little history on recycling. Recycling goes all the way back to 400BC! Holy Shizzle! So there's no reason that we all shouldn't be recycling, especially because the technology nowadays (vs. BC times) is a bit more improved and makes recycling a hell of a lot easier.

So why recycle? Well, for one thing it saves our natural resources. But did you know that recycling saves energy? It takes less energy to make recycled products. Recycling saves clean air and water, saves landfill space, and best of all, it saves $ and creates more jobs!

Trust me, it's never to late to start. There are some very immediate family members who have yet to start recycling because it's too much of a hassel. Now, that's no excuse. It's EASY to recycle. Takes no extra time, just a little extra room to make for the recycling bin.

In addition, I am going to do a blog in the next week called "LOSE YOUR PAPER TOWELS!"

Now, if you want to get really savvy, take your trash pile and turn it into a compost pile. If you love to garden, this is a great tool for you. OR, you could make a little business out of it and post your beautiful compost on Craigslist, for those of us who live in apartments, but want to use compost in our gardens or house plants. Composting in an apartment isn't easy since the smell might disturb the neighbors. I am currently trying to figure out a smell free/disturb free compost pile at my apartment. If there's any success, I'll get back to you.

In the meantime, RECYCLE! It's so important to stop the loss of natural resources. How sad to go camping and not see anymore trees!

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