Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trader Jose's Products.

Just on a general note, there are three things I just love love love from Trader Jose's:

1. Sunflowerseed butter - it's cheaper than any of the other peanut butters and far tastier. It's so healthy too. Nut butter is not bad for you. That is good fat. Eat it with celery, on toast with honey, or with pickles in a sandwhich (don't dis until you try).

2. Quinoa bread - For you gluten free people out there. This is a new item at Trader Jose's and it's delish! Check it out and it's better than wheat!

3. Miso soup packets - Mmmmmmmmiso happy. Miso soup is such a healthy delicious snack. If you eat right than the sodium intake is not too much. It's fine and it's the easiest and healthiest quick snack. So good!

Peace, love and health!

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