Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why Detox?

So, for those of you interested in losing weight and getting back in shape (most of us are even a little overweight because there is not time to exercise - we're gonna change that soon) I suggest you begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle with this detox I just posted. All I ask is that you try it for just 2 days. Now, even though you can eat, it's still hard because you are eliminating synthetic sugars, caffeine, some protein, and the bad carbs not the good carbs - - we like good carbs.

If you have a coffee habit, break the habit first to prepare for the detox. You don't want to deal with withdrawls of caffeine when you do this. You shouldn't have any reasons holding you back from detoxing or reasons to break the detox. So prepare by stopping coffee 4 days prior to the detox. I would say it takes about 4 - 7 days to get over your coffee withdrawls. Seriously, I know because I too was a HARDCORE coffee addict. I cannot stress that I was the biggest slave to coffee. If you realize you need to do this first, still join us this Thursday for our D Day, only make it your C Day. Then next week can be your D Day.

Anyway, I like to start the detox on a Thursday. It's towards the end of the week, so you can handle any lethargy. You're going to get A LOT out of you. You're gonna feel thin and light and really good. It's such a great way to start getting back on the healthy track. You can detox for up to 7 days. I recommend for your first time 2 - 4 days.

Remember, when you decide you're ready to lose weight - it's not about dieting. Dieting does not work permanently and it's the worst thing you can do to your body. If you get the book, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! and you do Gillian McKeith's method, just remember: It's not a diet, It's a change in lifestyle. You will love this new lifestyle. Heather, I am using you as an example because here is a girl from Michigan - wuh wuh. Michigan is a lovely place, but unlike Los Angeles, it doesn't really offer much of the healthy lifestyle accomodations as a follower of Gillian McKeith would like. Soy? What's that? So here comes a girl who was not familiar with any of these alternative eating patterns, foods, etc. - she didn't even like green tea! (GASP!) But you know what!?!?! After seeing the results on me when I first followed McKeith's plan, she took matter into her own hands and learned how to make her own "CHANGE IN LIFESTYLE" and girl - - you are lookin' so fine! Heather now eats stuff that you can't even pronounce - cause most healthy food you can't pronounce, right!? hahaha.

Ask me questions - let's get healthy and looking FINE like Heather! Let me see if I can find a picture of her. Oh here's one: DANG GIRL!