Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back on track...

So back from Spring Break '08, but only at work - still no school, so there's still time to play. I was very naughty over break and McKeith would definitely have a hernia if she knew what I ate, so I am omitting the facts. But let's just say that I went Junk Food Gone Wild and am actually detoxing today because of it. I ate crap for about one week and I seriously feel gross! I can't imagine what eating like crap for months or everyday feels like. UGH. I feel backed-up and disgusting, my skin is bad, I'm bloated, tired and just ugh. So this regime of eating Cheetos's (yes it's true - I never eat that, but it was Spring Break '08), tons of Indian food (mmmmm), tons of sushi with white rice (GASP!), candy (Pop Rocks! - Louise's fault), tons of red wine, a few beers, tons of dark chocolate (but at least it was 80% dark), tons of cheese, just tons of everything I should not touch on a regular basis. I feel gross. I didn't exercises once either! I just cleaned. It got so easy to eat the crap once I started eating it too - - I even started craving the crap food. This definitely warrants a detox and even a complete internal cleanse. Heather gave me Tri-Cleanse (from Whole Foods) herbal supplement to clean me out. So doing that Publish Posttonight. Need to get back on track.

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