Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back To Reality....Bites

I actually watched some clips of Reality Bites today on Youtube. I lah-hove that movie. "You look like... a doily."

Anyway, this case of "reality bites" is actually in regards to Anatomy, my favorite pastime. I have made the decision to take the class over, immediately, like next semester for best results. I am currently studying for my quiz/ death sentence that's tomorrow.... scratch that.... today (It's about 1:25 am). Anyway, I am actually FINALLY understanding the nerves after, oh, four hours of studying. It's really hard to stay positive, but I am going to. Despite my previous statement a few weeks ago, "No matter what I will get an A" I feel like I am going to give that phrase another shot! I really will get an A on tonight's quiz.

Don't worry, taking the class again means I will really know this stuff. Then I might take it one or twelve more times after that.

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