Friday, April 11, 2008

Cleaning Your Sewer Systems...

This should have been posted on Saturday, April 5.

It's Saturday and despite being out until 2:30am last night (I'm on Spring Break - Spring Break 2008!!! wuh wuh!), I was still excited to wake up at 8:30am and go to 9:00am class -- Speech class! Man, seriously this class is amazing. I'm learning a ton and the teacher couldn't be more entertaining. Her name is Danielle Parks. Today's class was especially fun, everyone was in a good mood (amazing since it's 9:00am on Saturday morning!) so the conversations were extremely fun and light. The most amazing thing about the class is that every single person, for the most part, is extremely eco-aware, politically aware, earth-aware it's really incredible and very inspriring. It was in this class that I learned just how green Santa Monica College is. They are becoming a sustainable campus-- they have a freakin' compost pile behind the cafeteria!!

Anyway, today's class was extremely informative and I feel very fortunate to have learned today about colon cleansing, of all things. Yes, as an example of a persuasive type of speech, Danielle gave a speech in favor of colon cleansing. It was so informative that immediately I thought I had to write an entry about this because people, this is extremely important. Let me put it this way, whether you want to or not, you need your colon to be clean in order to function and work their best and to avoid diseases, digestional discomfort, lethargy, acne, constipation, etc. She mentioned that when the colon gets backed up, some of the toxic waste can start leaking in your bloodstream and poison your body causing all these ailments!!

Bowel movements are the basis for health. And actually, that really makes sense. Everything we eat comes out through the colon. It's the way we eliminate most toxins. Gillian McKeith insists that going less than 2 times a day is a big problem. If you're not going at least 2 times a day, than you're backed up, your diet is poor, your probably not getting enough excerice (like me) and your colon needs to be cleansed!

Whether you eat healthy or unhealthy, you cannot escape the need to colon cleanse. I say this because yes unhealthy diets warrant a cleanse, but even healthy diets do too. Even if you eat 100% wheat products, wheat/ gluten is a sticky substance that easily clings to the intestinal walls and backs up your sewer systems. Gross. There is easily about 5 - 10 pounds of waste in our bodies! Double gross, but YAY! haha.

Here's a great website for a better explanation of the importance of colon cleansing. As far as products go, I am no expert. I say research to find your own natural remedy. You could venture out and actually spend a lot of money to get a colonix (which if you can afford that - DO IT), but using an herbal remedy is fine. Just do anything to get that colon cleansed. Here's some quick resources for you:
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Dr. Natura: Are You Clean Inside?
Colon/kidney detoxification
Colon Cleansing: Natural Health For Your Intestines

That's just to get you started. I will in the next few days post some other remedies for colon cleansing and maybe a recipe!


Peace, love and health!

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