Friday, April 11, 2008

Pear to the Rescue

So from the Gillian McKeith book, You Are What You Eat, here's a great recipe for Pear & Mint Smoothie that really helps de-clog your insides. Seriously. And it's delicious.

All you need: blender, 2 tblsp. of water, 1-2 pears per person and a lot a lot of mint (up to 1 bunch).

Directions: Add all the ingredients in a blender and voila! Sometime you need to add more water if the pear is not easily blending.

This is so mmmmm and quick acting too. Pear has a lot of fiber and does more than just stops constipation, it cleans out the colon and reduces your risk for colon cancer. Powerful stuff in a tiny fruit that is part of the Rose Family (so are apples).


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