Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I am coming back to this because people, I cannot be more excited at the moment than I am about prunes. They have saved my life lately because I REALLY screwed up my system over my Spring Break 2008 (wuh wuh!) after eating all that crapola (check out the blog to see the filth I put in my mouth - hahaha)! Unbelievable how the effects of that fateful week lasted so freaking long, but my faithful friend, prunes, have been very good to me and have revived my regularity.

I suggest everyone go to Trader Joe's and buy goat's milk yogurt and a bag of dried prunes. Empty the entire bag of prunes into a bowl, fill the bowl with water so it covers all the prunes, put it in your fridge over night, then the next morning - put a little goat's milk yogurt in a small bowl and cover with about 6 - 8 prunes and some of it's now syrup and voila! It's so freaking delicious and helps your bowels! As the days go by, the soaking prunes' power only gets stronger.


This is not taboo for those of you laughing.
Remember our bowels are the basis for health!!!

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