Monday, April 28, 2008

Puffy Eyes

<------ Seriously, does this really work!? Do you ever wake up in the morning with eyes you can barely open!? Well, the solution isn't cucumbers (doesn't work for me) or caffeinated tea bags(barely works for me) or even hemorrhoid cream (which does stop inflammation a little but feels like toxic poison under your eyes). The key is not wearing sunglasses in the morning. Go out in the sun and let the Vitamin D work it's de-puff magic by shining directly onto your eyes - don't look directly into the sun. I swear this works. When you're driving make sure the sun can beat through your windshield (so lift up your visors). You might squint for a bit, but then this works! I first noticed this as a child when people always mistook me for a tired Asian child (seriously), nothing wrong with that, except that I wasn't Asian. I remember just being out in the sun and realizing after playing for an hour on the playground that my puffiness would go away. Try it!
Sunshine cures eye puffiness,
so take off your sunglasses!!!

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