Friday, April 18, 2008

Say No to Soy

The more I keep reading about soy, the more I want to put a restraining order on it. Ok, first off, thank you Kristin for encouraging me to research this stuff. Seriously.

Soy in the form of edemame, miso and natto are very good for you because you're eating it in it's natural form or in a form that has been fermented. Soy products such as tofu, soy milk, veggie burgers (with soy), frozen soy products like Morning Star, soy formula for babies, etc. THESE ARE TERRIBLE! These are all products that have been processed to the bone and genetically modified. There's NO nutritional value whatsoever in them left! And there's evidence that these products actually stop good nutrients from getting into your body. If you take a look at soy formula for babies for example, you are basically feeding your children estrogen in the amount equivalent to 10 birth control pills a day. Ummmmm WHAT!?

People have this misconception that people from East Asia (where the soybean originates from), specifically the Japanese, are so healthy because of soybean. WRONG! People from East Asian countries eat at the most only a couple tablespoons of soy per day vs. Americans who consume hundreds of grams of processed soy products per day! THAT IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE! after absorbing all this info for a while, I started to think about my skin problems, my body, my mind, my emotions and BAM! It came to me. Could soy be the cause of all my problems - physical and mental!?

For the past few years I realized that my hormones have been really acting up. It first started with my skin (which has been going on since I was 22, and has recently become a problem again since stopping ProActiv this past September. Just a quick note ProActiv only masks the problem of acne not cures it), so my skin, my periods have been extremely irregular; last month I was two weeks early, but normally I am a week late each month, I tend to be very emotional at the oddest of times - crying for no reason, I've been getting pre-menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes/ night sweats - - just to name a few. Could the processed soy products be the cause of all of this!? I was eating a lot of soy products, but the bad kind and since realizing all this stuff, I have stopped. So I am going to monitor my skin, my periods, my emotions, my pre-menopausal symptoms and see if not consuming processed soy products will make a difference. I do still enjoy my miso soup and edemame, but that's it. If I don't notice an improvement in any of the areas I just mentioned, then I will see if discontinuing all soy products will do the trick. So sad, I love my miso snacks!

I am still researching and plan to post more on the soy issue.

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