Friday, April 25, 2008

Skin Again!

<------- I want skin like this! Yes, another blog about skin, but just quickly. I just wanted to say that I am trying something new for the skin. Not sure how this is going to go. So, here it goes. I am giving up soap of all kinds! Just using a warm washcloth to clean my face at night and in the morning. I've done this for two days. I can still use the Lush toner because that's just spraying my face with lavendar and rose water. And I have not used lotion at all. I am taking the Vitex twice daily. Not using the Bare Minerals on my face has made most of my little bumps around my mouth go away! Thanks Lizzie for telling me you had problems with this because I would never have done that considering it's all natural. I also used some of the tea tree oil blemish stick in my problem area and will continue to use the tea tree oil face pads (once or twice a week only) to get the deep dirt out of my pores.

So let's see what no soap does to the face. My sister does not use soap and she has great skin. My mother always told me never to use soap and just wash with a warm let's see if mother knows best.



Anonymous said...

All my face and body cleansers are soap free. Ever since I made the switch my skin has improved so much!

Mother Health said...

That is so helpful! So glad. I am very hopeful this will work!