Friday, April 11, 2008

Vegetarian Fast Food - wuh?

Seriously!? YES! I went to Occidental College and lived in Eagle Rock for a three year period and besides Leo's Taco Truck on Eagle Rock Blvd., Orean - the Health Express in the Pasadena/ Alta Dena area, were a staple.

Forget that I mentioned Leo's taco truck and focus on HEALTH EXPRESS! haha. Orean's is the most delicious and healthier option for any fast food. You really can't miss it. It's across the street from Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, kitty-corner to KFC and right next to McDonald's or Burger King. One of the two (maybe both). I swear there's a Taco Bell in there too.

Anyway, check out the menu. My personal favorite is the Chicken Burger for $4.29. It's served on delicious bread with sprouts and so many other tasty ingredients. It's the grooviest burger there. I also recommend the fries, chili fries, burritos. And for drinks the Super Green Drink is my favorite. It's filled with Kamut, alfalfa, barley grass, spirulina, green tea leaf, chlorella, Siberian ginseng, acerola juice, blue green algae, ginko. GET OUT OF TOWN - - FAST FOOD!? YES! It's seriously GOURMET! So delish! mmmmmmm

Sigh. I want Orean's.


Sarah said...

that's so funny! tracy and i went there yesterday after the rose bowl. it was my first time - LOVED it - i even got *THREE* large green drinks it was soooo good on such a hot day!

Mother Health said...

Yes, I have purchased multiple Green Drinks too! It's sooo amazing.