Thursday, May 1, 2008

Alternatives to Soy Milk

I've already written that soy milk is bad because it is genetically modified, processed and because it has insane and unhealthy amounts of estrogen. So, alternative solutions. A lot of you might already drink rice milk. Personally, rice milk is like water and does nothing to my tea or my cereal and is rather useless. It's not very tastey and does not dilute anything. But fear not! Almond milk is to be my favorite alternative. I will research in the next few days to make sure it's the safest alternative, but so far so good. It's not as thick as soy milk, but definitely is thicker than rice milk.

Almond milk can be found at Trader Joe's in flavored varieties, as well as plain. Go for the plain. It's delish and then maybe for a treat consume the vanilla flavor. mmmmm.

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