Friday, May 16, 2008

The Best Smoothie!

<------ Don't waste food! I've been home the past two days sick with the flu. It started as a cold last Thursday and because I have not given my body the rest it needs, the cold has now developed into the flu. I am in bed and giving a little bit of energy to the blog. So I am finishing the detox tonight. Today I made a little modification and had a smoothie. The best smoothie in the world!!! I made this because I had very brown bananas that I don't want to go to waste and left over fruit before I do my grocery shopping on Sunday.

Ok here are the ingredients:

Almond Surprise

1 cup Almond milk
A huge handful of shredded almonds or chopped almonds
Any left over fruit: blueberries, bananas, stawberries, etc.

Throw it in a blender and voila! The almonds add crunch and thickness to the smoothie. It's delicious and healthy.

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Anonymous said...

Feel better, lady! Regarding health shakes, my dad swears by "The Ultimate Meal." Justin & I are trying it out for breakfast tomorrow morning... Take a look at the website & let me know what you think! xo Lizzie