Friday, May 2, 2008


I would literally do anything for dark chocolate, especially the bittersweet kind. I am, indeed, a chocolate WHORE! Dark chocolate is something I HAVE to eat all the time. But, I know I'm eating the wrong kind! I should be eating cocao bean in it's purest form. Thanks to a classmate, Shahrzad, a raw foodist, acupuncturist and artist. She informed me of David Wolfe, who is also a raw foodist and specialist on chocolate! liberated by eating raw chocolate!

So let's watch some of his videos. He's unbelieveable.

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Sarah said...

i forgot to tell you about this amazing chocolate product i discovered at whole foods - it's called Alltune and it's a dark chocolate probiotic bar that contains more good things for you than 5 yogurts! it tastes just like dark chocolate with no funky additives - peep it in the cold section where they keep the kama cookies and raw foods that need to be lightly refrigerated.