Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Herbal Supplements

How on earth are you supposed to choose the best brand of herbal supplements and the best type of herbal supplements? I always believe look to food first for a cure, then go to the herbal supplements. Like my skin, for example, I eat well but my hormones are a bit off kilter and I need some extra help from my friend agnus castus. So which brand should I use!?!?! So here's an article I found from Mother Earth News. Best magazine in town, hands down! Here's another article on how to choose the best brands of herbal supplements.

Don't be fooled! Herbal supplements can be dangerous if not consumed properly. And there are a ton of companies out there who market an herbal supplement that is not safe. Herbal supplements have never been FDA approved, so it's important to do your own research. Only recently did the FDA take action. They are now apparently requiring that herbal supplements provide a hot line on the bottle for users to call if they encounter problems. Not a very stable way of testing, but the FDA is apparently going to "monitor" this. If a company receives a certain number of complaints about a specific supplement, they will be required to respond to those complaints within a timely manner and will have to make modifications to their product... What does this teach us? Educate yourself and do your own research!!!

Here are some other interesting articles:

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Morgan said...

Some really great info on this site, gotta give credit to Google for helping me stumble in . It is so great to hear about what has helped everyone, I had been a little dubious about starting in on herbal supplements to help treat a few minor conditions I have been facing (those of you familiar with Evening Primrose and St John's wort know what I mean), but after doing some research online and learning more from friends and fellow commenters…errr bloggers??, I got a suggestion to save money if I wasn’t sure about the supplements by buying online from sites like I must say trying the pills for considerably less than my local retailer charges was very encouraging and helped to sway me. My point is for those of you reading this who doubt what herbal supplements can do, DON’T and if you are still unsure after paging through this site, give it a try for less by buying online from the herbal supplement products here: or another good online site. I am not partial to Purtian, it is just they always have free shipping (great now that gas is so expensive!), or buy one get one free, buy one get two free or some other good promotion. I guess I am just of the school that one needs not pay more than necessary when trying something new!