Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Monday...

So got a late start on the detox. I was sick all weekend, sad, but now I feel extra encouraged to get back to health with a detox. Not sure how long, but I figure for at least 4 days, and then do a modified version for a whole month. So, no synthetic sugars, no caffeine (except green tea), no alcohol - - just raw vegetarian (as much as possible - might sometimes eat fish) foods.

So sippin' on a delicious veggie juice consisting of cucumber, celery and a little bit of apple. MMMM! So freaking good!

For those of you viewing the blog for the first time, check out the detox I follow from the book You Are What You Eat by Gillian McKeith. There are 8 Parts, so make sure to check them all out. This detox is similar to a colonix, meaning, that you lose a lot of waste!!! You feel great, and you're never hungry. You will get tired, that is normal, but it's easy. So get lots of rest!

This weekend was my two year anniversary of changing my lifestyle to completely healthy! Well, 89% healthy! hahaha. That's plenty! It's definitely made a difference in my life. Aside from losing weight, I don't get headaches every day, I don't feel lethargic, I found new healthy and delicious foods to eat, I've learned to make cooking and eating healthy a convenient task and because of the results I have tons of other people to do the same! It's so easy.

YAY for Tita who just bought the book You Are What You Eat on my birthday! Best birthday present ever! Cathy too!!! YAY!

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