Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One Month Detox

Get ready everybody! Let's start another detox!!!

So my birthday is Saturday, May 10th and it's been 2 years since I received the You Are What You Eat for my 24th birthday from my mom! Gillian McKeith changed her lifestyle on her 24th birthday too! See, what a connection I have with her. Two years since I totally changed my lifestyle to be as healthy and raw as possible!! That's more exciting than turning 26. ; )

So, May 11th, Sunday is when I start my detox. I'm doing this for one month, like I did after New Years this year - no drinking, Gillian McKeith detox for at least 4 days, hopefully doing one week, walking as much as possible for exercise, not consuming any synthetic sugar, absolutely no caffeine except for green tea. And this for one month! Let's do it together!!! It will feel great! More details to come. Email me if you're interested in doing this with me!!!

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