Friday, June 27, 2008

Arthur Magazine cont.

Yes, this is health related.
Books = Health, Knowledge, Life!

Check out my boyfriend, Michael's dad, Craig Graham (pictured above) with Ray Bradbury and read the article below (it was posted on the Arthur Magazine website - - weird coincidence):

Ray Bradbury mourns Acres of Books (Long Beach, CA)

Posted by steve k

“Right now there are no bookstores in downtown L.A. That’s terrible. That’s stupid, isn’t it?…There’s no really big bookstore, Pickwick used to be there, it was a very important bookstore….Bookstores should be the center of our life. There’s no bookstore in Venice, California right now. There’s no bookstore in Ocean Park. There’s no bookstore in Beverly Hills. Jesus Christ, how dumb can you get! There’s not one bookstore in Beverly Hills! All those stupid people, wandering around, looking for ideas. That is such a dumb place. That’s why I’m
here…This is my home.

If this place could be kept here, if you’re going to build a mall, they should build it around here. They should be the center of the mall. They should be a shrine. They should have a crucifix up in front. I will come and bless the goddamn place. And I mean that. I want this store to remain here and they can build a mall around it…It should be surrounded by other fascinating stores. It shouldn’t be moved. It shouldn’t be changed because it’s the best bookstore in Long Beach and
one of the best in California.

There are ten million books here and other bookstores have a couple of thousand, and they don’t smell the same way. An old book smells like Egyptian incense. It’s great. It’s wonderful.

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