Friday, June 20, 2008

Blackberries and iPhones and Blackjacks, oh my!

You know, I'm going to take a brief moment here to discuss technology because believe it or not, technology effects our health - - like in a BIG way. Now, I hate (not really, but for the sake of this entry) blackberries, iphones or anything that allows a person to text or email the shizzle out of it during the worst times possible: a wedding, a birthday party, a dinner party, or any social event where your attention is required and where text messaging DOES NOT go unnoticed, and yes, I have seen this happen ALL THE TIME! It's not a healthy habit - you're giving yourself cancer.

The inspiration for this entry came from listening to NPR this morning when I heard the best analogy for our cell phones - - crossword puzzles. Would you pull out a crossword puzzle at a birthday party? No. Would you pull out a crossword puzzle at a wedding? No. How about a dinner party? No way! Now, there are two people in my immediate family who are guilty of this - - it might cause a fight if I go any further than just saying that - - but boy I think it's so inconsiderate!! You can say it's for work, you can say it's urgent, you can say all these things, but nothing excuses it. I'm not talking about those of us who write brief texts - but those of us who keep it out as if it's super glued to our fingers.

I'm not saying get rid of your time consuming, family time draining technology. I actually think it's important to keep up with the times, but only to a certain extent. To be so immersed in your world of technology that you give it more time and attention than the wedding or birthday party your attending or even a fraction of the time you're at these functions is NOT HEALTHY! Turn it off or leave it in the car or at home near the toilet - - where all crossword puzzles should be. :)

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