Monday, June 16, 2008

Full Moon and Detox

I got the below email from Gillian McKeith. Make sure to check out her detox below!

Dear Amanda,

Astronomical June

Hello and welcome to this newsletter.

Coming up this month we have 3 major solar & lunar calendar events all happening within the next couple of weeks! This is a real treat and a very high energy time period.

The three events are as follows:

(1) Summer Solstice (Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) one of two instants during the year (Winter Solstice being the other), when the Sun as seen from Earth is farthest north or south of the equator (happening on 21 June 08).

(2) Mid Summers Day, the longest day of the year, is when the sun is at its most northerly point, and thus it is ‘the longest day’ (happening on 24 June 08). This is also the turning point for daylight to shorten as we head towards Fall / Autumn.

(3) Full Moon (happening on 18 June 08) at the same time as the other events, which is when the sun is directly opposite the moon. These astronomical events may be relevant to you because the seasons, the sun and the moon phases all affect our health, mood and overall constitution.

Did you know that the days after a new moon, just leading up to a full moon, are ideal for a Detox Day?


The gravitational flow of the moon motivates not only the earth’s oceans and rivers, but also our own bodily fluids.

When the moon changes its phases, there is a 24 hour period for the magnetic field of the Earth to change. This activity may influence your body to let go of excess fluids. For this reason, health practitioners, health retreats and nutritionists sometimes may recommend this specific period of the month to conduct a detoxification programme.

That’s why it’s a great idea to schedule in Gillian’s Detox Day during the period from 14th – 17th June, which leads up to the full moon on 18 June.

It is the perfect time!

The weekend of 14th – 15th June, when you are off from work, is an ideal opportunity to go through Gillian’s Detox.

It is important to have your Detox Day at home when you can relax – It’s a YOU time.


Gillian’s Detox Day - taken exclusively from

Gillian’s Boot Camp.

NB Always consult with your medical doctor or GP before embarking upon any detox or nutritional programme.

The Detox Day Planning Sheet is in Adobe Acrobat format and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print. The reader can be downloaded for free here.


You will see on the Gillian’s Detox Day itinerary that juicing is an integral part of the day. In fact, juicing could be one of the most important activities that you do in any day.

Take a look at Gillian’s comprehensive information on juicing, where you will discover why to juice, how to juice, what to juice, including some delicious fruit & veg combinations to use.

This may even *inspire* you to ‘Grow your own Juice’. These summer months lend themselves very well for growing soft fruits, salads and vegetables. Imagine all that captured sunshine and naturally occurring nutrients too!

* Did you know that the word “inspire” derives from root words that mean “in spirit”?

Whether you use your garden, grow-bags on balcony, pots on window sills, or sprouting seeds / pulses in a jar – Growing your own creates a grounding, creative, connection with your food and it costs pennies – a win, win, win!

Furthermore, both growing and juicing are wonderfully beneficial and fun exercises to share with children. It includes and informs them in understanding food, energy, growth, connection and creativity.

We’d love to see pictures of proud harvest, or of you and your family deliciously juicing juicy juices, and we’d also love to hear your Detox Day testimonials – How was it for you? Please do let us know.

We do genuinely appreciate hearing from you, as do others appreciate the support you give them by sharing your story, experience and pictures. It reminds us all, that we are all connected together.

New Restaurant Website

Gillian McKeith Restaurant Guide

Finally, have you filled in your favourite ‘eateries’ in Gillian’s Restaurant Guide?

How wonderful to now have ‘click of a button, internationally accessible’ information on where to eat, what food is on offer, value, and service – It’s great!

Remember – Gillian’s Restaurant Guide is a free online information service - provided by us, written by you!

(And you can even check out Gillian’s Personal Favourite Restaurants each week too!)

Enjoy the next couple of high-energy weeks. Plan your Detox Day. Grow your own. Connect with us.

Wishing you the best good health,

Kind regards,

Team Gillian


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Grace and Peace,