Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hula Hoop! Best Exercise!

I was visiting my friend Joanne last night at her cute apartment when I noticed her hoola hoop! Aside from surfing on a regular basis, she uses a hula hoop for exercise. So I tried it out. I forgot how much stomach and butt muscle you use when you hula! Amazing. I owned one as a kid, and hey, it's never too late to be a kid again!

You can purchase some on ebay or Be careful of the hula hoops specifically designed for exercise. I read the customer reviews and it seems that there are a ton of complaints that those type of hoops really hurt and cause bruising. So read reviews before you purchase. What a fun way to exercise!


jojo said...

I'm delighted to bring hula inspiration!

Philo said...

I agree about your fitness hoops warning. They're actually made heavy and while they might be good for losing weight, they come with warnings that say things like "do not use for more than ten minutes" which tells you something right there. There's an array of great people making adult-sized hoops now though and hooping is back and better than ever. For more info on all things hooping check out Magazine with tips, videos and more.