Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hot or Cold Tea???

Is there a difference between drinking hot or cold tea? I mean, does drinking tea hot vs. cold have different effects on the body? Kristin asked me this and I wasn't really sure of an answer, but I do know that drinking hot green tea has a better effect on my skin than drinking it cold, but maybe that's just in my head. Is there really a difference?

So I did a little research and found this website called Prevention: Smart Ways to Live Well. On its message board people discussed the tea issue I found this answer:

That depends... what kind of tea are you talking about, and for what purpose are you drinking it? Some teas lose some of their effectiveness if they sit around and get cold. Hotter water has a higher solubility, so if you were making tea with hot water, it could a little get stronger than if you used cold water to make your tea. But in the end, there generally isn't that much difference between hot and cold tea. If you prefer it cold, drink it cold. Or lukewarm, whatever you like.

I found a few other articles saying basically the same thing, specifically with green tea, for example, that it does not lose its antioxidants when it sits and gets cold. But I have my take on the tea issue. I drink mainly hot/warm tea. The only iced or cold tea I consume is barley tea which keeps you very cool on those hot days. Green tea, like I said only has a positive effect on my skin when hot/warm -- but that's just me. I drink tea for mainly health purposes and thankfully, I happen to love the taste, so I think room temperature to hot is best for the tea to work its best. Warm tea help rid your body of toxins I would think better than cold tea. It helps flush those toxins by loosening them from your intestinal walls and then helping them on their way out of your bottom : ).

Gillian McKeith agrees and recommends drinking warm liquids: "Cold water (or anything cold/iced)... shocks and stops at the tummy, thus creating gas or bloating." Now, hot liquid is not necessarily the answer either. I found information on why taking hot baths is bad because it takes away the natural oils in our skin. Well, perhaps the same is true when ingesting hot liquids - - maybe it takes away the natural moisture from our intestines? That's just a theory, folks.

So the answer: DRINK LUKE WARM LIQUIDS! hahaha. Take the middle of the road approach.

P.S. - Ummm, drinking PG Tips any other way than scorching hot with a splash of milk is just WRONG! - but that's the only exception.

UPDATE!: I just found this chain of messages on the tea matter.


Anonymous said...

I've been told that drinking hot tea affects the lungs, drinking warm tea affects the insides in general, and drinking cold tea affects the skin. I think this relates to more natural herbal teas with strong health benefits.

Anonymous said...

almost sounds like something a filipino would say. uneducated. asians are NOT healthy. all that hype needs to be tempered with the fact that there are few asian nations that have decent diagnostic healthcare. The Philippines export nurses that are stupid. Chinese have no ability to diagnose the diseases in their people. Low heat destroys chemical compounds for the most part. At waters boiling point, there is no compound created and placing the same teabag into cold water overnight will diffuse far more compounds than your "steeping" will.

Anonymous said...

For the one who left the last comment. You are an asshole and ignorant for what you wrote. Who the hell are you to generalize, you racist jerk.