Tuesday, June 3, 2008


After that last post, you're probably thinking, WTF can I eat!?!? Everything seems to have something bad for you in it whether it's soy or this or that. Well, let's go back to my whole philosophy on eating healthy. You probably hear this all the time, but in fact it is true. MODERATION! While I do post all these nasty things on soy products, for example, (minus edemame, temphe, miso and natto), if you buy organic and do your best to only consume these "nasty" things in small portions you should be fine. Or with soy milk, for example, perhaps try mixing organic soy milk with rice milk and you should be fine.

So what exactly is moderation? Good question. Moderation means, once in a while - like duh, but what is once in a while? I say 20% is once in a while. Meaning, if you consume healthy, live, organic foods (which are so delicious) 80% of the time, you'll be fine. It's so easy.

Also, think about this, if the majority of the time you eat at your best, then when you eat something that is not necessarily "the best"during your "once-in-a-while-period," then your body is going to be in such amazing shape that it's gonna fight and sustain it's strength if a few additives, bacteria, or in the soy case, a bit of carrageenan gets into your system! So don't stress, cause stress is bad too. Always think MODERATION - 80%/20%. Piece of cake! I mean piece of fruit!

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