Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Natural Homemade Pesticide!

I'm in the process of trying to grow my own medicinal herb garden. I'm feeling slightly impatient with this whole process cause it's taking rather long, not to mention that I accidentally dropped all my little labels for the plants and now not so sure which herb is in which pot. I just figured once they grow, I can identify the plants by their looks. Ooh la la. Anyway, it is pretty amazing to see something you've planted come to life... just hurry up and grow already! Anyhoot, I did read about some interesting ways to kill (sorry for you Buddhists out there) those plant eating insects. One of them is Nettle and the other Lavender! I read that if you get a spray bottle and fill it with water, put a bunch of either the nettle or the lavender in the bottle and let it steep for two weeks and then voila! Spray the heck out of your plants! This apparently kills bug trails which are very common during the summer. We get ants on occassion, so instead of using ajax, or something toxic like that, make your own spray! You could probably purchase nettle tea (at Whole Foods) and use that instead of buying a nettle plant. Or you can wait for your freaking nettle to grow in like three months, like I am. Jeez!

hahaha. Happy spraying.

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