Friday, June 20, 2008

Norman Walker - My New Obsession

I love researching anything about nutrition, but I am really trying to focus on nutritionists, health gurus, etc. who had full, long lives and died in their sleep or of natural causes. They must be doing something right, right? So my latest obsession is Norman Walker, born 1886 and died 1985 at the age of 99 in his sleep. He also created the Hydraulic Press Juicer. Read his bio, he's lead a very interesting life.

From Wikipedia:
Walker advocated a diet based solely on raw plants like vegetables, fruits and nuts. He considered cooked, baked or frozen food dead and therefore unhealthy, saying that "while such food can, and does, sustain life in the human system, it does so at the expense of progressively degenerating health, energy, and vitality." As a strict vegan, he did not recommend eating meat, dairy products, fish or eggs. His diet suggestions avoided such staple foods as bread, pasta and rice.

Now, while I think every person is different and therefore, every diet should be different, I do believe that all diets should consist of mainly raw foods.

Here are some other intersting websites on Norman Walker:

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