Thursday, July 10, 2008

Big Bear, Big People cont.

I just received a comment from Matt Amsden of RAWvolution. I just want to first say, wow! Seriously flattered! If you want to read his comment, please go here. I can completely see his point of view. And I want to apologize for offending anyone. So my comment, "Why the hell would you open up yet another health food restaurant on the same street (Main Street in Santa Monica) as 50 other health food restaurants and markets???" was just merely a way to make a generalization more coherent to my readers. Perhaps I should not have used profanity (hell) my apologies , and perhaps I should have kept it a generalization, vs. using specific names. It was not to be mean especially considering I have blogged about Matt before in praise of his successes. Anyway, what's done is done. I just want to make my point clear that I was merely saying that there are many (not 50 as I stated) health food restaurants and markets in the Santa Monica area...and not many in areas that need those options most and it does not seem like many nutritionist or healthcare professionals are making ventures outside their comfort zones besides a few non-profit organizations and charities. And yes, easier said than done, but I still don't see any efforts being made - - and I am not pointing fingers at anyone, it's a general critique.

That's all I was trying to convey. :) Love to all.

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