Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bikes Not Cars!

I've taken up a new hobby -- bike riding. It's like my new favorite way to exercise at the moment, almost as much as ballet. It's getting my tush all toned n' shizzle. But aside from reasons of vanity, I feel good knowing that I can get places without giving into the bull shizzle that is high gas prices and not polluting Mother Earth. So, in attempts to get my hobby into a regular routine, I have vowed (beginning tomorrow) to bike ride to work on Fridays and bike to school on Saturdays. This one is a little tough considering I have to go all the way to Santa Monica - but it's doable. Baby steps, right? Don't want to overdo it and then give up on the idea. But I do want to challenge everyone to pick one day a week that we refuse to use our cars, but instead take public transportation, use our feet or ride a bike!

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