Friday, July 11, 2008

Dr. Tea's

Dr. Tea's
8612 Melrose Ave.
(Formerly Elixir)
West Hollywood, CA 90069

So a few years ago, I used to go to this tea place Elixir on Melrose where you sit in a Japanese garden sipping exotic teas. Well, over a year ago (I think) I went back to experience the wonder of Elixir only to find that it was under new ownership... it had become Dr. Tea's! What an amazing transformation this place made! Dr. Tea's is not new to Los Angeles, but was new to this location which I believe has boosted his popularity in a major way (especially since it's across for Urth Cafe) and because of the beautiful garden in the back. Not only was the tea even MORE exotic than Elixir with more delicious flavors, but there's also a tonic bar where I went when I started to feel sick. An herbalist made me a lovely concoction of herbs that made my cold disappear within a few hours. Experienced, kind and friendly people only work here.

My favorite ice-blended tea is the CapaTeano....tastes just like an ice-blended Cappuccino, but instead of coffee they use oolong tea that has been roasted in a coffee roaster. Delicious. Or perhaps you're feeling like a mint n' chip smells just like the real thing.

I just want to point out one more thing, that when I first started going to Dr. Tea's, Dr. Tea (Mark Ukra) himself was always behind the counter (I am sure he still is - haven't been there in a while) and let me tell you he is such a gentle, kind man and I witnessed him be so generous to every single homeless person that walked into his store, never turning them away, but treating them like any other guest and making them feel special by giving them free drinks and spreading the gospel of love. That's the kind of generosity this world needs more of.

Anyway, occasionally I will post some of his Tea Tips that I receive via email. Sign up for the mailing list here. Check this one out:

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