Thursday, July 24, 2008

Skin Update...

Wow, it's been a while since I last publicly obsessed over my skin. In case some of you are just reading this now, let me save you the time of finding old entries and give you a quick recap on the history of my skin. When I was 21, I got adult acne around my forehead and around my mouth - - this is of course after having no problems with my skin up until that point. When acne is around the forehead it is usually a sign of digestion problems. Now that I eat properly, I hardly get any around that area. Around the mouth is usually a sign of hormonal imbalances, and yes, I'm hormonal. It could be a indication of other things too (but working on finding out what they may be). So, after I stopped using proActiv, which worked on my skin and got rid of 95% of my acne while simultaneously destroying my skin, my problems came back immediately. Now I realize that I don't want something to only "cover up" and hide my acne - - I want to get to the root of the problem and get rid of my bad skin forever.

So, after stopping ProActiv, I did a number of organic, natural treatments that either irritated my skin more or just didn't work. So what do I do now, you ask? I only wash my face with a washcloth, warm or ice cold (for when I have puffy eyes), and for moisturizer and eye makeup remover I use virgin coconut oil around my eyes every night and morning. Nothing around the mouth (which I may change once I get my skin taken care of) and nothing around the forehead. This of course is not the case when I go to the beach - I buy face SPF from Whole Foods. Anyhoot. That's all I use. Outside of that, I drink warm green tea, anywhere from 4 - 10 cups daily and the antioxidants usually helps keep my skin pretty clear. I drink a ton of water and eat all raw when my skin gets REALLY bad. Seems to do the trick... for now.

Throw out your soaps and give a washcloth a try!

While I wish I had the funds to see see a nutritionist, herbalist, acupuncturist, anything-ist on a normal basis to help my skin, what a better way to get to know my body than to trial and error various methods to cure my problems naturally??!

Peace, love and health.

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