Thursday, July 3, 2008


So sitting here very late, getting ready for my 4th of July weekend in Big Bear, just put on extra virgin coconut oil around my eyes and can now only see blurriness, but my OCD has kicked in at midnight and I suddenly have this burst of energy to organize my entire life. It seems I have saved my packing for last minute, but not intentionally (I've been without a car to run my errands since Saturday and had summer school two days this week). Anyhoot, I felt like it had been a while since a more personal blog entry, so here's to a nice break from being obsessive compulsive.

If we can all agree, this weekend (for most of us youthful party-goers) will be one of fun and frolicking and booze, followed by sleep, piggin out, more sleep, followed by possibly over-the-counter-really-bad-for-you hangover cure and a ton-of-sugar Gatorade, followed by more pigging out, more booze and possibly a Bloody Mary to detox from the whole experience. So, what does that mean? Need you guess? That means HARDCORE DETOX COME SUNDAY AFTERNOON! That's right, Sunday afternoon (because we most likely will indulge in that Bloody Mary) we start our cleansing and we shall recover and rejuvenate and fortify our bodies- - bring them back to life after torturing it with all the "red, white and blue" crap. So get ready to have a jovey ole time, and you need not fear - the detox is here. Make sure you scroll down to Detox Part 1 and 2 - Detox Part 7 and 8. I am gonna aim to do it the entire week - - but definitely at least four days.



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