Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brown rice with...

Mmm. Today's lunch is left over brown rice from take out, salad that I pre-made with dinner last night (but did not add the dressing until today) that includes:

organic mixed greens
sprouted black beans
sprouted mung beans
spouted mix of lentils and garbanzo beans
1 raw zucchini
raw sunflower seeds
pre-made lentils from Trader Jose's
lemon, olive oil and sea salt dressing
topped with pre-made spicy guacamole from Trader Jose's

Mmmmmmm. It seems like a lot of effort because there are so many ingredients, but it's so not. Everything is in containers and you literally just grab a handful, throw it in the mix and voila! FYI - you can get sprouted anything beans at Whole Foods for very cheap! Next to the organic mixed green lettuce.

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