Thursday, August 14, 2008

Raw Zucchini Salad

<----- My half eaten salad (click on photo to enlarge) I still have not gone grocery shopping, but managed to bring my 2 zucchini's and 1 avocado to work and am now eating a delicious raw zucchini salad with lemon and oil and salt. But I had an apple on my desk and threw that into the bunch and wowzas. It's so good. So go to my Raw Zucchini Salad recipe that probably costs less than $2: I got 10 zucchinis from Trader Joe's for like less than $3, the avocado came in a bag of 4 for I think less than $4, the apple was free from a friend's tree and we know lemons are cheap and easy and salt and oil are always in the kitchen. But you get the point... it's delicious and cheap!

cheap cheap cheap

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