Thursday, August 21, 2008


So was too lazy, once again, to make my lunch last night. Instead, I sat outside in my garden (in my attempt to be one with nature) in the dark, looking at the sky and enjoying a glass of red wine. I think everyone would agree that's way more fun than spending the time to make lunch for the next day! ; ) And of course, I woke up this morning with only 15 min to get life in order and be out the door. So I grabbed only what I had. And here's what lunch consists of:

1 whole avocado w/ sea salt
1/2 cucumber
Mediterranean humus from Trader Jose's
lentils with a little bit of curry sauce from Trader Jose's*

*One thing to note with the curry sauce, it has sugar, so use only a dab to make the lentils tasty. Of course you could do guacamole... but I already have an avocado. I could cut the avocado and put it on top of the lentils, but eh. This way is better.

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