Thursday, August 28, 2008


I've talked about this before. Someone commented on my lunch entry yesterday telling me that I eat too healthy and that they want to feed me hamburgers in my sleep (hehehe)! Well, I am totally flattered. And while I try and eat healthy 80% of the time, I do want to enjoy life and eat some crapola too about 20% of the time. Sometimes more, sometimes less - I have to admit, it's more often times less! Yes! Gillian McKeith encourages the 80/20 way of eating. That's where I learned it from and it totally makes sense.

I grew up in a family of foodies. We've traveled everywhere trying the best restaurants and richest foods. I love food. But my mother, being the health nut, enforced a balance. Point being, don't deny yourself anything, but make good choices. Trying to be a purist or perfectionist is not realistic. I feel purists are no different than religious fanatics who are obviously using that as a crutch for something else gone missing. I also believe that perfectionism leads to binge-eating for a lot of people and that's not healthy either. Just eat your raw fruits and veggies most of the time and get your vitamin B12 (avoiding a lot of red meat, but not all of it) in whichever way you can, and then a little dessert. Go outside for a brisk walk, and there should be no reason you can't get down to your desired weight and maintain it. I will say that the more you eat and try making healthy foods in different ways, the easier it gets to choose those options and realize they can be just as tasty as the processed, not-so-good-for-us foods. If you're not a good cook, well duh, it takes practice. That's why I am advertising my lunches on here to show you just how easy it can be! Just try the best you can! That's all we can ever do.

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