Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Brush With Death...

... Sort of. I mean, I went bike riding yesterday (without my helmet, stupidly) and saw construction up ahead on the sidewalk, which meant that I had to ride on the street. Although now I realize I could have avoided this construction, but anyway. So I get on the street and it's really busy and nerve racking. So I realize that I am pretty close to the construction and need to share the road a bit more with the car. So as I turn around to see if the coast is clear, a car, with obviously no regard for riders, comes so close to me, that the car actually brushes my arm (going 35 mph). I of course started to practically convulse. Lesson to be learned, wear a helmet.

I was a very paranoid driver when I first learned to drive. It took about a year before I really felt confident. I believe the same will be true for bike riding. But seriously, what a way to discourage people from riding their bike instead of a car. Not to worry about me, though. I'm a dedicated paranoid rider!

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