Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh Dear...

I was pushed, or rather pulled after pushing my friend/pseudo-brother Josh, into the bushes outside Trader Vic's (LA hotel bar) last Saturday night. Yes, laugh all you want. It was funny as all hell, but when I smashed my beautiful nose on a very thick branch, hit my head on the trunk of a palm tree and then fell into a bed of ivy, my makeup bag slipped out of my purse, unnoticed by anyone, and lost forever. So I have pretty much had no replacement makeup. I don't wear much makeup, but then I remembered just now that tonight I have an event to go to for my boyfriend, Michael and, alas, no makeup. Thanks Josh. So, what a betta (yes betta) time to discuss the natural and best ways to look booooootiful or beautiful.

Well, first read this David Wolfe book, Eating For Beauty.

And here's a list of top organic makeup brands.

I did purchase Physicians Formula Organic Wear blush, but it doesn't really show up on my face too much, but does the trick of giving the subtle appearance of sunkissed-ness. At least it's organic and affordable.

I did the whole Bare Minerals, but it made me break out, so no likey. I just need to find a good organic mascara - so if anyone knows about that, please email me!

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